How To Repel Bed Bugs From Biting You?

How To Repel Bed Bugs From Biting You?

Bed bugs are among the most unpleasant insects that can exist since they feed on humans’ blood. Because they are so small, bed bugs can enter your home and live for a long time without you knowing it. The good news is that there are many methods available to get rid of them.

These insects are nocturnal and will usually wait for you to go to bed to bite and feed. If you haven’t had bed bugs in your home, you may celebrate, but if you’ve been the victim of an infestation, you probably hate them. The important thing is to discover how to avoid being bitten by these annoying insects.

What Attracts Bed Bugs To Bite You?

Many factors attract bed bugs to bite and feed on you:

  • Heat: Bed bugs prefer warm places, and for human beings to function correctly, their organs must be under warm temperatures. When bed bugs detect the presence of carbon dioxide and a warmer presence of the rest of the room, they know you are close.
  • Carbon dioxide: Human beings exhale carbon dioxide, and it is created through natural bodily processes. Bed bugs are attracted to carbon dioxide and will quickly detect when they are near you.
  • Human pheromones: People naturally emit pheromones and other specific scents. Therefore, bed bugs being an expert predator, can smell humans quickly. And at once, they will go in search of a host.

How Many Bed Bug Bites Per Night?

The number of bites you may have per night from bed bugs will depend on the degree of infestation you have in your home. If you see a few bites on your body every few days, there is most likely a single bed bug on your mattress.

These insects usually feed once a week, but their feeding frequency increases during hot weather due to their metabolism. IF you are bitten every night by bed bugs, you probably have an infestation, and there could be 5 to 10-bed bugs in your mattress.

When checking your body, if you notice that you have more than three bites per night, your infestation may be caused by more than 30-bed bugs. If this happens, you should take quick action because there should be more than one-bed bug infestation source in your room.

Being bitten so often is because bed bugs are found in your mattress, on your couch, and in other areas where you are used to being for a long time.

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How To Repel Bed Bugs From Biting You?

To prevent being bitten by bed bugs:

  • Sleep under several sheets: Bed bugs cannot bite on cloth, and if you wrap yourself in sheets, the bed bugs will not be able to bite you.
  • Place several sheets on your mattress: The more sheets your mattress has, the more difficult these insects can reach it.
  • Wash your pillows and sheets: You must regularly wash your pillows and sheets. Each wash cycle can kill bed bugs, so washing your bedding frequently will prevent it from being bitten.
  • Wear pajamas: IF you wear pajamas, it will be more difficult for bed bugs to reach your skin to bite you. It will be much better if you wear pajamas with long sleeves and long legs to cover yourself very well.

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