How To Scare Owls Away

How To Scare Owls Away

Owls are the most popular nocturnal birds that are beneficial for keeping your garden or home safe from small reptiles as they can eat mice, rodents, and other animals to keep their population under the radar. However, having too many owls in your backyard is not good. Their nocturnal behavior will cause a lot of harm to livestock and small birds.

That’s why it becomes essential for you to keep them away from the night so that they won’t start hunting down humans. Don’t know how to scare owls away? You will find everything to get rid of owls without hurting them. Remember to use the steps mentioned to get the best results.

How To Scare Owls Away 

You all know that the nocturnal behavior of owls can create a mess in your backyard or might even start to hunt down your livestock and other small birds easily. That’s why it becomes necessary for you to get rid of them immediately before they turn your backyard into a massacre.

Even though you don’t have a problem with owls, they worry that they will eat your pets and chicken. So here is a list of things you can do to get rid of owls.

  • Avoid Attracting Songbirds

If you want to keep owls away from your backyard without hurting them, it is better to starve them. You should know that owls love hunting down small defenceless birds and eating them as their meal. So, you should avoid crowding these kinds of birds in your yard.

That means if you have installed a bird feeder in your garden, you should remove them immediately from the stand or tree. This will make owls find another area where they can easily hunt down small animals.

  • Create A High Pitch Or Noise

Owls usually keep a fair distance from human beings, but if you find an owl lurking around or near your house, you should start making noises. Clapping, shouting, and yelling is the best thing you can do to shoo them away. This will make the human activity in your yards and make them go away.

How To Keep Owls Away

These predators often hunt in pitch-dark, which means if you take down their advantages, owls will never come back in your yard again. So once you have got rid of owls from yards, it’s time for you to take preventative measures to keep them and other animals away forever.

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Preventative Measure

  • You should keep your garden or backyard perfectly lit.
  • Keep your pets like cats and dogs indoors as owls can attempt to eat them.
  • Make it challenging for owls to rest or create their nest near your house by covering all the holes and gaps where they can build their nest.
  • Remember to keep your yard clean and get rid of brush piles.
  • You need to ensure that no mice are roaming in your yards, as these small reptiles are the main attraction of owls to live near your house.


Getting rid of owls is quite easy. You have to make sure that you follow the steps mentioned above carefully.

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