How to Scare Raccoons Off Roof

How to Scare Raccoons Off Roof

Raccoons are a type of animal that many people don’t like. They can make the home look messy, destroy property, and spread disease to humans. If you want to scare them off your roof, there are some tips listed below.

This is a blog post about how to scare raccoons off roofs in order to keep them from making their way into your home and causing damage/spreading diseases etc.

What Attracts Raccoons to Your Home?

Raccoons are attracted to your property for a variety of reasons, including food, shelter, and easy access to both.

  • Remove food source

What draws them the most is their favorite meal, which is readily available in your backyard.

If you need the raccoons to stay away from your house and property, you must first remove their food sources, such as vegetables and fruits, from your garden.

  • A good shelter

For raccoons, having a suitable shelter is also important. They like to live in your attic since it is the most pleasant place for them.

Normally, female raccoons make nests in the attic to rear their babies.

What to do if raccoons are on the roof?

What to do if raccoons are on the roof?

If the raccoon can get into your attic, which is why they’re on the roof, all you have to do now is close the opening they’re climbing into, and the problem should go away. If you have access to your attic, ensure sure there is no light coming in that may indicate a method for them to locate a sanctuary.

What do raccoons hate the most?

Because of the raccoons’ keen sense of smell, you can choose scents that are unattractive to them to repel them. Epsom salt, onion, peppermint oil, garlic, and Hot pepper repel raccoons.

How to Scare Raccoons Off Roof

Once raccoons have entered your barn, it might be difficult to get rid of them.

The easiest way to remove raccoons in your house is to use a mix of these strategies.

  • The property has a lot of floodlights.
  • Install an electric fence in your yard.
  • Ammonia odor, cigarette smoke odor, campfire odor, and chimney odor
  • To frighten them away, use really bright lights and make a lot of noise (loud music).
  • A scared, huge dog
  • Vegetation should be removed.
  • To produce a repellent, combine garlic and cayenne pepper.
  • To drive them away from their nests, use strong-smelling substances like ammonia or vinegar.
  • Water sources should be covered.
  • Keep your house’s trees trimmed, so raccoons don’t have an easy path to your roof.

What oils deter raccoons?

Spices that offend a raccoon’s sense of smell, such as cinnamon, black pepper, or cayenne pepper, force it to migrate to a more habitable region. You may make a natural raccoon repellent by combining cayenne pepper and onion in boiling water.

How do you keep the raccoons off your roof?

How do you keep the raccoons off your roof?

Put metal sheeting around your roof and the base of your trees to make it harder for raccoons to clamber up them. Any fence that is close to your roof should have electric fencing installed on top of it. Garbage cans should be kept in the garage, and pet food should be kept in the house.

What scent will keep raccoons away?

Raccoons have a keen sense of smell, which they employ to locate readily available food. You may use this attribute to your advantage by repelling them with odors they loathe, such as Epsom salt, onion, peppermint oil, garlic, and Hot pepper.

Will vinegar keep raccoons away?

The smell of apple cider vinegar repels raccoons (and some people). Put an aerated jar near the den and soak an apple cider vinegar towel in it. The stink will turn them away! Set up a “fright light” in the room. Motion sensor lights that turn on automatically will drive raccoons away.

What home remedy kills raccoons?

Boil 1 cup cayenne pepper and 4–5 Habanero chilies in water to make a solution. Allow it to cool before spraying it around the major entrances or holes where raccoons may enter. Outside the garbage can, you may also put a coating of the cayenne pepper and water solution.

Do raccoons hate loud noises?

Raccoons are generally repulsed by the sound and loudness of wind chimes, radios tuned to a conversational station that imitates human speech, bioacoustics from other animal sounds, yelling, firecrackers and pots and pans pounding.

Does bleach keep raccoons away?

Cover the top of the garbage can with a cap full of bleach.

For a few hours, this will keep the raccoons away from the garbage can. You only need an hour or so if you know when the garbage men are coming.

Does Pine Sol repel raccoons?

Do you have a raccoon infestation? Try spraying your garbage cans with a 50-50 combination of full-strength Pine-Sol and warm water. Most animals dislike the smell of pine. 

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Does human urine keep raccoons away?

Raccoon deterrents are made from the urine of wolves, coyotes, and mountain lions. Ammonia found in human urine can also be employed. However, it’s uncertain how successful it is at keeping raccoons away for lengthy periods of time. Determine the source of your raccoon problem, which is frequently around your garbage cans, where they can obtain food.

Will crushed red pepper keep the raccoons away?

The Sprinkle cayenne pepper is on the ground in areas where raccoon activity has been seen. All animals are poisoned by capsaicin, the primary component in hot peppers. As a result, using it as a raccoon deterrent also works as a squirrel deterrent.

Will a fake owl keep raccoons away?

Raccoons are preyed upon by humans and owls. You may take advantage of this predator-prey connection by erecting a fake owl or scarecrow in your yard to scare raccoons away from your property.


For those of you who are dealing with raccoons, we hope this blog post has been informative and helped to provide some clarity on what they can do.

We also hope it’s inspired you to take the appropriate steps for your situation so that your family is safe from these pests!

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