How To Stop Strawberries From Being Eaten

Organic Controls for Common Strawberry Pests

Pests are common in every home, something that brings many problems to maintaining peace of mind. Among the most affected things are fruits since they are a sweet and attractive food for many insects. Fortunately, there are simple ways to get rid of this problem, although you must first inform yourself properly.

One of the first things to know is the type of insect or animals that may be interested in your plants. Once the enemy is detected, it will be easier to deal with the situation using specific techniques. Knowing the most effective movements is necessary, especially if the main concern is strawberries.

Do Strawberries Have Bugs?

It may be unpleasant for many people to learn that strawberries harbor many pests, but it is the reality. This type of fruit will almost always have this detail even when bought in natural stores.

The importance of washing strawberries before consuming them is due exactly to the possibility of encountering unpleasant insects. Some of the most common bugs are worms, fleas, or mites, which can be in or around the strawberry.

What Bugs Do Strawberries Attract?

The sweet taste of strawberries, in addition to being nutritious, is a magnet for some pests. Garden insects appear when they can distinguish the characteristic smell of fruit, wanting its juicy content.

Many insects can be found, such as snails, aphids, earwigs, weevils, mites, dull plant bugs, beetles, and much more. Many critters can become interested in strawberries quite easily.

What Bugs Are Eating Your Strawberries?

What Bugs Are Eating Your Strawberries?

The amount of animals or pests that can feed on strawberries and look for them is abysmal. Whether these appear will depend on many factors, both geographical and environmental or geographical.

Detecting what you are dealing with is quite important, so you don’t waste time developing the perfect strategy to eliminate them.

  • Earwigs

For these insects, strawberry is considered an excellent food thanks to the number of leaves it has. They can hide very well, using moisture and berries to survive without problems.

  • Aphids

One of these insects’ favorite foods is strawberries, and they love to eat large amounts. It is recommended to have them close by since they can destroy the plant at an incredible speed, especially during the reproductive season.

They can also see in other fruits or vegetables. Their diet is very varied. It is a very complicated insect to handle.

  • Caterpillars

These insects are generally herbivorous, although sometimes they are concentrated in several young leaflets. Strawberries are an interesting snack for them, leaving evidence that they were there by the holes that go through the plant.

  • Slugs and snails

When the strawberries are at their maximum ripeness, the slugs come into action. This in itself is not such a serious problem since the best flavor of the fruit is not exactly there.

Even so, some slugs prefer berries before they are fully ripe. This depends on many factors. It is advisable to move them away just in case, and luckily there are many effective methods.

  • Birds

A natural enemy for almost all fruits and strawberries is not out of the question. The worst thing is that they are the most skillful pest since they can detect when they are at their maximum point of maturity.

Most birds are the enemy, but in zones 3 to 10, the common are crows, robins, or blue jays. If you find partially eaten strawberries, even with nets on them, the birds were the intruders.

  • Deer

These are more rural animals and usually roam large patis when they have access to them. They tend to eat the strawberries in their entirety. Sometimes they even take the money with them.

  • Raccoons

The raccoon is a problem when it comes to strawberries and anything they see in the garden. They are more common in much rural America, where they take advantage of all kinds of orchards.

They generally try to eat the whole strawberry, so finding just the stem would mean that the raccoons are up to it.

  • Dogs

These characteristic pets will occasionally be seen eating ballas, but only out of curiosity as they will later reject them. The flavor they have is not very to your liking, so you tend to take a bite and leave them without even finishing.

How To Stop Strawberries From Being Eaten By Bugs? 

How To Stop Strawberries From Being Eaten By Bugs

To detect which method is more efficient for eliminating insects from the garden, you must first identify the intruder. It all depends on what you are dealing with. These are some tips:

  • Make a mixture with water and dish soap, spray it on the plants, and the insects will go away.
  • Essential oils are repellent against insects.
  • Some recommend using predators that can fight the insects that eat strawberries.

How to Get Rid Of Strawberry Weevils

The larvae are common in strawberries, and luckily, there are many natural methods to prevent or eliminate them. Parasitic nematodes are known to be an efficient and easy-to-use option, but there are other ways as well.

  • Solar heat: Put an insulating canvas around the plant. This will eliminate not only weevils but also other insects.
  • Remove manually: You will need a pair of gloves and a bucket of soap water, preferably something warm. This will suffocate the pest, but it is better to do it when few and not a large litter.
  • Dish soap: using a spray can make a mixture with drops of dish soap. Spraying it on the silver can be efficient.
  • Adhesive tape: This can be used as a trap when placed around the plant, be sure to choose a suitable tape.

How to Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

There are many types of flies, but they can all be eliminated with a few simple tricks. Water in huge quantities can attract them. Avoiding humidity by taking preventive measures such as not watering the plants excessively is important.

Generally, all forms of control are effective against fruit flies, but it is good to find more about them. Having an idea of ​​what time of year it is least advisable to cultivate could also be of great help.

How to Get Rid Of Caterpillars

Caterpillars are a troublesome pest that loves all types of foliage, especially ripe strawberries. Light traps, beer traps, borax, diatomaceous earth, and other methods could be super-efficient.

The good news is that many incredible methods could apply with whatever you have at home. If nothing natural works, you can always count on calling your local pest control. Sometimes it is a necessary investment.

How to Get Rid Of Slugs

With slugs, it is best to go for organic things. Making your mix with household items is ideal. Dish soap vinegar, apple cider, garlic, chili pepper, and vegetable oil are ideal and can be sprayed easily.

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