How To Use Neem Oil For Head Lice?

How To Use Neem Oil For Head Lice?

Realizing that you or a member of your family has head lice turns out to be a very unpleasant moment. As soon as these insects’ presence is noticed, it is important to eliminate them since they feed on humans’ blood and go in search of your scalp to feed.

Many chemicals have long been used to eliminate lice, but there are also several effective natural methods. You need to know which ones they are to start a treatment to kill the lice immediately.

Neem for Lice: Does it Work?

As time goes by, lice become immune to certain chemicals that have been used to kill them. For this reason, getting rid of both lice and nits is not as easy as it sounds. Although lice are difficult to see, noticing their presence can be quick because they are very itchy in the head’s hot areas.

If you think of trying natural methods to keep lice away from you, neem oil may be a great option, even though it has a very strong odor. However, published studies claim that this oil can kill lice, while others do not.

Does Neem Oil Kill Lice?

You can use treatments to kill the lice and kill themselves, so you will think your job is done. Neem oil can be some of these treatments, as it will not kill all of the lice on your head. This product can be of great help to get rid of a part of them.

Neem Oil Lice Treatment

Neem oil has a thickness very similar to that of coconut oil, and before using it, you should place a bottle with this product under a stream of hot water. In this way, the neem oil will melt, and you can easily use it. To use neem oil as a lice treatment, you will need to:

– Apply neem oil to a generous amount of shampoo, and apply this mixture to hair and scalp.

– Let this mixture act for 30 minutes on your scalp.

– Wash your hair several times with Does Shampoos To Prevent Lice Work?.

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Better Home Remedies And Treatments

For many experts, using neem oil to kill lice is a waste of time. There are natural remedies that can be more effective to get rid of lice in a very fast way:

Tea tree oil has been used in several studies and has the power to repel lice due to its strong smell.

Peppermint oil is also one of the best natural remedies that can repel lice.

Both of these oils have odors that are unpleasant for lice, and they will prefer to flee.

Neem Oil For Lice Prevention

It is important to be clear that you will need to search for more effective treatment when you have a head lice infestation than neem oil. Among the oils, neem is the one that has the most unpleasant odor, and surely, you will not like it. There are many natural remedies that you can use, and they are most effective in repelling lice.

However, it is not a bad idea that you sometimes use neem oil to prevent a head lice infestation.

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