What Do Lice Look Like In Blonde Hair?

What Do Lice Look Like In Blonde Hair?

When you have blonde hair, adult lice will be easier to detect. The louse has three phases in its life; depending on its phase, it will be more difficult to detect it.

The first phase is known as the nit, a kind of egg that adheres to the hair cuticle and has a dull yellowish color. If your hair is blonde, and depending on its hue, it won’t be easy to detect them at this stage.

Second, we have the nymphs that are practically baby lice. At this stage, the shell that covers them has a somewhat tan yellowish color. However, because of their size, it is also a bit difficult to see them. But once they start feeding, their coloration begins to turn black.

In this period, the adult louse has a more considerable size to be seen with the naked eye. Also, although his body is somewhat transparent, it will be black whenever he eats. It will make a clear contrast with blond hair.

Lice in Blonde Hair

Head lice are one of those epidemics that appear recurrently every year. Millions of children become infected with lice for no apparent reason, and even adults can control them without it signifying a lack of hygiene.

There are myths about lice that people with blonde hair cannot get it. That is ridiculous and false; every one with hair can get lice at any time in their life.

This theory comes from the fact that lice are usually more difficult to detect in blond people because they can blend in with their environment. People with black hair will have black lice; blondes would have almost transparent yellow lice.

What do head lice look like in A Blonde Hair?

The characteristic property or lice’s ability to blend in with hair color allows them to camouflage themselves too well. The lice of people with blond hair have a yellowish color similar to that of the cuticle; however, they are slightly darker, almost brown.

When lice eat, they fill with blood, and that is when they turn darker in color. At this time, they become more visible. However, only adult lice are easily seen. Nits and nymphs are almost invisible, especially since they are attached to the cuticle and do not move.

The appearance of Lice in Blonde Hair

Adult lice look roughly like an ant in size. We could say that it looks like a mutant between an ant and a small spider. Its body is wide at the back with the shape of a kind of rhombus. Its body is small, and its head is almost invisible; the most striking is its six legs and the small claw of the mouth with which it bites the scalp to feed.

How to Prevent Lice in Blonde Hair?

To prevent the spread of lice, it does not matter if it is blonde or brown, for all preventive treatments and disinfestations are the same. You can use products such as lice repellants that you can buy at any pharmacy. You can also resort to home remedies such as mouthwash, vinegar, or coconut oils.

However, the safest thing is that you brush the closed bristles every day during each bath, eliminating the possibility of nits hatching in the hair. You can use some aromatic oil such as olive or anise that are easy to wash, and the smell keeps the lice away.

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