Do Lice Like Clean Hair Or Dirty Hair?

Do Lice Like Clean Hair Or Dirty Hair?

Head lice become a big problem, and it is very common to see them in school-age children. Experts have reported that 2% to 4% of children will get head lice at school. There are many questions and myths surrounding lice that you should know if they are true or not to know what to do if you detect lice near you.

Lice professionals disclose a lot of information about these insects to prepare when it comes to lice.

Do Lice Like Clean Or Dirty Hair?

Many people think that lice are attracted to clean hair, but the reality is that this factor is indifferent. These insects only need to be on the scalp of any human, regardless of whether it is clean or dirty. For them, the most important thing is to have a host to feed.

The food of lice is the blood of humans, so they hang on the scalp. If you have lice and wash your hair immediately, thinking that the lice will go away, you should know that it is not the case. Once you detect that you have lice, you should seek some effective treatment to remove them.

Why Do Some People Say That Only The Dirty People Get Lice?

Some people think that lice only look for dirty hair because they associate it with poor hygiene. But the reality is that this characteristic is not important for lice, and they can lodge in hair that is 100% clean. These insects can infest both the head of adults and children quickly.

The most important thing is that you take action when you find out that you, your child, or someone else close to you has lice. Having these insects on your scalp can even trigger a medical problem.

Can Washing Your Hair Eliminate Lice?

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Washing your hair after lice will not kill them because it is indifferent to a clean or dirty scalp. Lice can live even submerged in water for hours, so doing this will not be the most effective solution.

The hold of these insects on the scalp can be very strong, so to get rid of the lice, you will have to use a chemical product, especially to kill them. Or, if you prefer, you can resort to a home remedy, as some are very effective and have been made known by experts on this subject.

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Why Do Some People Get Lice Over And Over Again?

Lice can quickly attach themselves to anyone’s scalp, regardless of whether they are children or adults. There is a problem known as pediculosis, and it usually affects children, and although it is not a serious disease, it is very annoying to have. When you have head lice, you will notice some characteristics that will let you know that you have lice.

Irritation and itching are some of the most unpleasant characteristics that will allow you to notice that you have lice on your scalp. Noticing their presence, you must take steps to kill them quickly. The treatment you choose must be effective for you to get good results.

When the person gets head lice repeatedly, the proper treatment was not used or estimated. The eggs hatch within days of being laid, so you must treat for weeks to notice changes in your scalp.

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