Do Marigolds Repel Mosquitoes?

Marigold and Mosquitoes

If you are suffering at home from a mosquito infestation, you can use a very good plant to repel them. Marigolds are a great option for you to always be at home and get rid of these flying critters. Find out if marigolds kill mosquitoes by their strong odor from their leaves.

Find out if marigolds repel mosquitoes by giving you a clean environment at home for you to enjoy. Learn how marigolds repel mosquitoes for you to plant at home and get the best results. Finally, you have to know what marigolds look like so you can identify and start planting at home.

Do Marigolds Kill the Mosquitoes?

Do Marigolds Kill the Mosquitoes? - Image By gilmour

Marigolds have the power to repel mosquitoes at home or in your garden due to the strong smell that their leaves radiate. When you have one of these plants, they will automatically be your natural bug repellent. Marigolds are unlikely to kill mosquitoes, but they will do much to repel them.

Mosquitoes can be very resistant to strong odors, although you can kill them if you push them to the limit. You need to have a good amount of marigolds planted at home to kill mosquitoes. By repelling these pesky insects, you will have enough to have a protected home.

Do Marigolds Repel the Mosquitoes?

Marigolds have the main purpose of repelling mosquitoes for you to plant at home immediately. These plants are powerful in smell serving as a natural repellent against mosquitoes and other insects. You can quickly get rid of house-dwelling insects seeking to form an infestation.

Each marigold plant that you will always have the purpose of serving as a shield against insects. You can repel mosquitoes, aphids, whiteflies, beetles, and other insects near your house. It is good that you always marigolds in the garden to prevent your beautiful plants from being affected by these insects.

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How Do the Marigolds Repel Mosquitoes?

The smell of marigolds makes many mosquitoes feel threatened and repels them in your home. You can plant a marigold at home and notice how flies’ presence diminishes with time. It is a very beautiful plant that you can buy almost anywhere because it is very easy to grow.

The calendula flower is annual, so you must be patient to help repel all insects. The plant cannot function properly as a repellent in seasons because its smell is not strong enough. The plant may be inactive for the winter until finally its flower comes to light and expands its anti-mosquito aroma.

What Do the Marigolds Look Like?

What Do the Marigolds Look Like? - Image By almanac

In appearance, the calendula is an orange flower with red tones between its petals of average size. The plant can be at least 4 feet tall and 2 feet wide, so you will always be in your yard without problems. More than 50 types of marigolds worldwide do not change much in appearance but size.

The active time in marigolds is for late spring until the first winter frost arrives. These plants also adopt marigolds, marigolds, and marigolds known in the United States. It is a very beautiful and functional plant that you can place in your garden to repel all kinds of critters at home.

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