Natural Snake Repellents to Keep Snakes Away

natural snake repellents to keep snakes away

Snakes are among the vital parts of natural wildlife, and many species have defensive traits, which can be harmful and sometimes even deadly to pets and humans.

So, if you are living in an area full of snakes, you should grow plants that repel snakes and keep you safe from both venomous and non-venomous breeds.

You all know that living in an area where the breeds of snakes thrive can easily make your loved ones their first target, especially small kids.

That’s why it is necessary to do something that prevents snakes from entering your house.

No doubt, there are many ways that you can use to deter snakes, like using essential oils (clove and cinnamon), hunting, fencing, and chemical repellents.

Or you can use natural methods like planting snakes repellent plants for driving venomous snakes away from your garden.

Natural Snake Repellents to Keep Snakes Away

Since there are many plant species that can easily repel snakes, it can be challenging to find the best plants to grow in your garden.

It is recommended that growing a wide variety of plants will help in creating an efficient and reliable snake deterrent.

You must know that snakes don’t like strong smells, which means using a combination of plants will give you great coverage.

So, here is a list of plants that repel snakes naturally.

What Plants Snakes Hate?

  • Garlic And Onion 

Garlic and onion plants have proven to be useful when it comes to repelling snakes as both produce a smell that snakes don’t like.

Garlic plants are among the best plants for repelling snakes as they produce an oily residue, which gives off a weird aroma that snakes won’t like.

  • Mother-In-Law’s Tongue 

One of the best snake repellent plants that can do both repel pests and produce oxygen higher than normal plants.

Not to mention, snakes find the appearance of this plant quite frightening, which makes it a suitable plant to have in your garden as a snake barrier, and the best thing is that it requires low maintenance.

  • Marigolds 

Marigolds have been the most effective plant in repelling snakes because of their roots.

It grows deeper and stronger, which produces an intense odor that helps in repelling many garden critters and pests, including snakes.

Even though it can provide a perfect place for hiding snakes like mice, etc., the strong odor keeps them from settling.

  • Plants That Attract Snakes 

Apart from plants that repel snakes, there are many plant species that can attract them whether you like it or not.

That means you have to be aware of these plant species if you are living in snake prone areas.

Here’s a list of plants that attract snakes.

  • Flowers 

There are plenty of flowers like morning glory, rosemary, and other flower beds that offer a place for snake habitat.

  • Cedar Tree 

The shape and leaves of cedar trees are often liked by the snakes, and their fragrance can attract them from a distance.

  • Groundcover Plants

Plants that can easily cover the ground attract snakes as they can easily hide inside the spot.

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