What Do Nits Look Like In Hair?

What Do Nits Look Like In Hair?

Nits are the eggs that lice deposit on the scalp. These eggs hatch and are difficult to visualize because of their shape and color.

Nits have a gelatinous texture compared to the glue’s texture, making them adhere to the scalp more easily.

What Do Nits Look Like?

Lice are a disgusting pest that appears every year to annoy you. Although they are not harmful to health, their appearance makes us question our hygiene. These parasites have three stages in their lives: the nits or eggs, the nymphs, which are the small lice in their first stage, and the adult lice.

In the nits case, they are a kind of oval bag measuring between 0.8 millimeters by 0.3 millimeters, so they are almost invisible.

What do nits look like in hair?

These eggs adhere to the hair shaft and tend to take color from the cuticle. If the hair is blond, the nit will be a dull yellow, making it very difficult to identify it. In black hair, the nits are a little darker. However, they do not become black, but a little darker than in brown hair, where it is brown.

The female generally tends to lay her eggs about 6 millimeters from the scalp, especially on the sides of the upper part of the neck. However, it is not ruled out that they can be found anywhere else.

This term is also called the hatched and empty shell left by the nymph, often confused with dandruff because they have a very light color.

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How To Treat Nits?

Because nits acquire the color of the hair, their detection is very difficult. However, using very low pH products, such as vinegar or milk, can break down the substance adheres to the hair. When the comb is released, it can help to eliminate it, although this solution is not immediate and must be done repeatedly for several days.

  • Wet or dry hair

Using a fine bristle comb or a detection comb with some moisture in the hair can remove hatched husks and even those stuck to the hair.

This hairstyle can be done after moistening or wetting the hair with vinegar. This way, the nits will lose their adherence and will come out more easily. This is a method that must be performed periodically and will not only help remove nits but also adult lice and nymphs.

  • The use of medicinal products

If wet styling has not worked in more than two weeks, you can consult your doctor or a pharmacist. Lice products are available over the counter; however, having specialized advice is always helpful.

Apply the product while still styling wet, no matter if it is spray or lotion. Once applied according to the instructions, the products will have an action range of about 24 hours. That means the lice and their nits should be dead the next day.

Some of these products need to be applied multiple times to ensure their efficiency. Be sure to apply it to yourself and the rest of the family to prevent the spread of lice.

  • There is no way to prevent lice.

There is no product or way to avoid contracting lice other than hygiene and constant vigilance. Doing a daily check with a fine-bristle comb can help detect them at the early stage.

Do not use products such as insecticides, irritants, or products with high alcohol content. Remember that the scalp is a sensitive area and stimulates hair problems; it can absorb certain substances through the capillaries.

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