Nix Electronic Lice Comb

Nix Electronic Lice Comb

The electronic nix lice comb one of the most widely used to eliminate these nasty insects. This is a comb that works to kill and remove lice from the scalp and hair. This electronic comb also kills nits effectively.

It emits a very small electrical charge that humans cannot feel but is lethal to lice. When the lice come in contact with the teeth of the comb, they will be removed.

Electric Lice Comb Vs. Metal Lice Comb: Which Is Better?

People who have used these types of products know that combs are not made similarly. If you want to buy a comb to remove or kill lice, you must know the difference between electronic and metallic combs.

Many people think that the more expensive the combs or technology is, the better to get rid of lice. There are metal combs that are very good and have been able to outperform electric combs. If you’ve had a hard time killing lice properly, you’re using the wrong products.

Using a treatment or product that does not kill the lice eggs, and the life cycle will continue, leading to a new infestation. The product you use should remove the nits because you will be caught in an endless cycle of these insects if you don’t. When to use an electronic comb and when to use a metal comb?

  • You can use an electronic comb for a person who does not want to use lice products.

People always look for a home or natural remedies and treatments to get rid of lice. You can use a product like the electronic comb and then use a metal one to remove the eggs.

  • You can use an electronic comb to check a person for large numbers of lice.

The electronic lice comb good for controlling lice in a nursery, camp, or school. It allows you to monitor multiple children for a lice infestation quickly.

  • Metal combs allow you to get rid of lice eggs effectively.

If your goal is to remove lice eggs, you should use a metal comb because they are the best. Electronic combs can be high-tech and very fancy, but the goal is to shock or suck up the lice. They are not designed to remove nits.

Using an electronic nix lice comb can help remove lice but will not prevent hatching. Using these types of products will give you satisfaction, but you will see that lice will appear in the long run. Look for a product that allows you to remove even nits, and electronic combs often don’t help with eggs.

  • Metal combs can work well on damp, conditioned hair.

Electronic combs require hair to be dry to use them. It can be a problem if your child has tangled hair to comb through dry hair, especially for curly or thick hair.

Electronic Nix Lice Comb

The nix electronic lice comb aims to emit a low electrical charge to kill lice on contact. It has a green light that will illuminate when the comb is on and ready to use. When it comes in contact with an error, a red light will come on.

It is a safe comb because the electrical charge it emits is very low. When you have applied the discharge to the lice, you should remove the comb from the hair and clean it. The electronic nix lice comb has an LED bulb that will help you find the lice in your hair.

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