Plants that Keep Spiders Away

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Spiders turn out to be very unpleasant for most people, especially when they enter your home or create cobwebs in your garden. Spiders can reproduce quickly and cause an infestation. To avoid this, you can make use of plants that effectively repel these insects.

What Plants Can Repel Spiders?

There are many plants that you can use as a natural method to repel spiders quickly:

  • Lavender

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This is an essential oil that has many therapeutic benefits, and it can be very effective in repelling spiders faster than you think. Spiders hate the smell of lavender, so having a pot with this plant will keep them away from your outdoor and indoor space.

  • Citronella

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Citronella is one of the main plants to repel spiders because, from this plant, the essential oil of citronella is reproduced. You can plant citronella around the outside space of your home, and it will reap many benefits.

  • Mint

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Peppermint is known as an invasive plant, so you need to plant it in a container. There are several types of peppermint plants, all of which are very effective in repelling spiders quickly.

  • Lemon Verbena

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Like mint, lemon verbena can also be very invasive, and you need to be careful where you plant. This plant has a very strong odor and is very unpleasant for spiders to repel them quickly. There are other insects like the fruit fly that cannot stand the smell of lemon verbena either.

  • Marigold

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Calendula has an odor that turns out to be very pleasant to people but repels spiders. The French marigold is one of the plants that can drive spiders out of your garden the fastest. In the spaces where you see spiders, you can place this plant, and your fight against spiders is effective.

  • Lemon Balm

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This plant is also highly scented and is very effective in repelling spiders quickly because they cannot stand its smell.

  • Citrus Fruits

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If you don’t live in a sub-tropical climate, you shouldn’t be shy about having dwarf citrus trees in your garden. For spiders, the smell of oils and citrus fruits is very unpleasant. Plants that are grown from lemons and oranges will be perfect for keeping spiders out of your space.

  • Onions

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Onions have also become a good option to repel spiders. Mites can also wander off on onions, so it’s a good idea to plant them in your garden.

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Other Tips For Keeping Spiders Away

There are many tips you can do to get rid of spiders quickly if they are too unpleasant for you:

  • You can do an extreme cleaning at home with white vinegar since the acetic acid contains a very unpleasant smell and a very bitter taste for spiders.
  • You can also use diatomaceous earth because it effectively gets rid of any pests in your home.
  • The exterior of your house must be kept clean and free of elements where spiders can live and create their hiding places.
  • You can place cedar blocks on the outside and inside your house to prevent spiders’ access and other incests that can also be very annoying.

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