Plants That Repel Slugs And Snails

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When you have a garden at home, you have to take care of it at all times, mainly because of the snails and slugs around it. Gastropoda class animals are the main pests for an infestation in your garden, damaging your plants quickly. You have to learn about the most efficient techniques to eliminate the pest from your garden and prevent your plants from dying.

 Learn what the damage of snails and slugs in the garden looks like when they have formed an infestation in this green area. Find out why slugs and snails eat plants based on the type you planted earlier. Finally, you must know which plants repel these animals so that you plant and avoid them.

In this guide, we will talk about some topics about plants for slugs and snails:

  • Why Slugs and snails damage and eat your plants
  • What plants can repel slugs and snails
  • And more

After reading our guide, you are able to eradicate and control slugs and snails in your garden.

What Does Slug And Snail Damage Look Like?

You can have a beautiful garden with decorative plants and flowers, but this panorama can be affected by gastropod animals. Slugs and snails are threats in the garden that can cause significant damage. Signs of a snail and slug infestation in your yard include:

  • You can see big holes in the leaves of your plants
  • Only the stem will remain in some plants
  • When spring comes, all your plants are damaged
  • You may observe colored silt raised on some leaves on the ground

With these points in mind, you can easily identify a very serious snail or slug infestation. Although it is a problem that can kill your plants, this does not mean that you should stay calm but act immediately. You can use different natural or chemical repellants to eliminate the pest from your garden and thus converse its beauty at all times.

Why Do Slugs And Snails Eat My Plants?

Slugs and snails eat the plants you plant in the garden because they are part of their diet for the year. These animals only consume wet leaves, mainly from trees, flowers of attractive color, among others. You can suffer from this pest in your home regardless of the country where you are located because they are very common animals.

Another reason you have snails and slugs in your yard is that you provide a safe area for them to live. If you have a garden with debris, fallen trees, moldy rocks, or a lot of bush around it, this attracts the animal. When you clean your garden by complex and eliminate everything that attracts the snail, then you will prevent the pest from subsisting there.

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What Plants Can Repel Slugs And Snails?

You have to know the best list of plants that will help you repel slugs and snails from your plants in the garden. You must be attentive to the highest priority plants to take care of your flowers from these animals that are a total pest. If you plant a good amount of plants around your garden that repel them, you will have an area available to plant whatever you want.

Plants that you can use to repel slugs and snails include the following:

  • Fern plants

Fern plants - Image By britannica

You can plant fern plants in your garden to help repel snails and slugs because of their intimidating smell. These plants usually measure from 1 cm to 25 meters tall, depending on the plant you have planted. There are around 10,000 species of ferns that you can find around the world to plant.

  • Geraniums

geranium - Image By gardeningknowhow

Geraniums and their more than 400 species may be the solution you need to repel gastropods in the garden. You can grow many of these plants and repel animals because they give off a very disgusting smell. If snails or slugs dare to bite the geranium leaves, they can taste sour and spicy.

  • Lavender

Lavender - Image By Lush

There are at least 60 species of lavender, and you can plant it in your garden to repel many pests. This pest eliminates infestations of snails, slugs, bed bugs, spiders, and other animals that can enter your home. Lavender planting is very easy, and you won’t wait a year to see the plant bloom.

  • Fuschia

Fuschia - Image By nature-and-garden

They are plants in America and part of Oceania, encompassing more than 100 species in each birth region. This plant releases a very pleasant smell for humans but unpleasant for insects such as snails.

  • Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas - Image By gilmour

Hydrangeas originally come from Asia but have now spread to America to repel snails. You can plant this plant in your garden and give it a beautiful touch and protection against animals.

  • Rosemary

Rosemary - Image By almanac

Rosemary has an attractive scent for you to use inside and outside your home to eliminate some pests. This flower is very small but powerful with which you can repel all kinds of animals in your garden.

  • Japanese anemone

Japanese anemone - Image By gardenia

The anemone’s appearance is very good, and its smell is a natural repellent for the slugs that live in your garden. You can become fond of this plant with its three harmless leaves painted yellow.

  • Euphorbia

Euphorbia - Image By indiamart

The smell of euphorbia is not pleasant at all, helping to repel insects and even other people in your garden. These small plants are very fragrant, creating a perfect shield for slugs in your garden.

  • Yucca

Yucca - Image By thetutuguru

They are Mesoamerican plants specifically from El Salvador, with a slightly peculiar size and leaves for you to place in your garden. These plants have a faint smell, but their appearance and dominance in the garden mean that slugs do not carry your flowers.

  • Holly leaves

Holly leaves - Image By treegrowing

If you want to give your garden a good background, you can use holly to repel all plants. This plant is traditional throughout the world, has a strong smell, attractive appearance, and value to repel snails.

  • Begonias

Begonias - Image By hgic.clemson

From Brazil to your home, you can plant begonias in its more than 1500 species to repel gastropod animals. If you want to protect your plants by complex, you must use these begonias for their very strong smell. You will have the results in your garden incredible, and the begonias will not look too bad in the area.

  • Tree peony

Tree peony - Image By Amazon

You can say goodbye to slug and snail infestation using the peony as your protective shield in the garden. This plant is easy to grow in its more than 40 species available worldwide for you to have at home.

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