How To Get Rid Of Small Black Bugs On Plants Naturally

Small Black Bugs On Plants Naturally

Small Black Bugs are a pest found on plants. These small animals feed on the leaves and sap from the stems. By feeding on plants, they make them sick.

There are natural solutions to eliminate these animals. Here we show you how you can do it.

In this article, you’ll know about:

  • Why These Small Black Bugs Are On Plants
  • Various Natural ways to get rid of Small Black Bugs On Plants
  • How to Prevent Small Black Bugs from Infecting your Plants
  • And more

After reading, you’ll learn about the natural ways to manage, control, and eliminate small black bugs on your plants.

Why Are These Small Black Bugs On Plants?

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The aphid is a great pest that is easy to find on all plants regardless of whether they are inside or outside your house. The most frequent cause of their appearance is generally due to the rise in temperatures that cause irregularities in the pots’ soil.

This pest attacks many species of plants, and it is common in rose bushes, all types of fruit plants, among others. The orchards are also frequently visited by this annoying pest responsible for ruining the plants quickly.

The causes that plants lose their vigor and slow their growth are aphids and other tangles. This is because they feed mainly on their sap, causing deformation of the stems and leaves, increasing the possibility of new shoots.

This pest transmits diseases if they invade healthy plants after attacking another infected plant. For this reason, it is essential to regulate their watering and have the best implements at hand to keep your plants free of insects.

What Kind Of Damage Do They Cause?

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The damage caused by these annoying small black bugs can be direct or indirect, depending on where they are located. The direct damage is due to food since these insects suck the plants’ sap causing their deformations and lack of growth.

This type of damage is especially serious in the first period of plant development, so you must be very careful. If you have a strong infestation, defoliation will occur in the plants, slowing down their growth and causing other ills.

On the other hand, the indirect damage is driven by other agents that will help the aphids to reproduce to attack in greater mass.

How To Eliminate These Small Black Bugs On Plants Naturally

As mentioned above, the aphid is a small insect that feeds on plants’ sap, slowly destroying them. But to avoid this plague, you can get advice with some home remedies that will help you eliminate this plague naturally without problems.

  • Vinegar

This substance will help you eliminate these pests and restore health and natural growth to your plants. However, you must bear in mind that this mixture is used on plants to keep some insects such as aphids away, not combat them.

  • Tobacco

One of the most effective home remedies against this plague of rose bushes and orchards is the tobacco pesticide. It contains toxic substances such as nicotine, which is harmful to these insects that only damage the good image you have in your home.

For its preparation, add tobacco to water to completely release all its substances. It should be noted that you must keep it at rest for about one day so that you can extract all the toxins from it to combat these pests.

  • Normal care

You can also maintain adequate irrigation and not abundant, keep in mind that humid soil is the main cause of this annoying pest in your plants.

Other Natural Ways to Get Rid of Small Black Bugs On Plants

Today plants help us keep the home clean, and without a doubt, they will help you beautify it with their beautiful figures. However, it is essential to know the best methods to identify and eliminate the small insects that appear in it.

  • Control irrigation

If you see small mosquitoes around the plant, the pot’s soil is likely a bit damp. This type of insect is attracted by the same, even damaging it, so it is advisable to change the land immediately.

  • Soap

The small yellow, brown, or black insects are aphids responsible for sucking all the plants’ sap. You must be alert with the plants because if they deform or end up wrapping themselves together, they have an insect problem.

When detecting these, you should immediately isolate the affected plant from the rest with the intention of not contaminating the others. A little soap and water is a great option to clean the plant’s affected leaves and regulate the watering it.

  • Coffee

As incredible as it may seem, the aroma of coffee is capable of warding off and neutralizing some insects that are harmful to your plants. It is even advisable to sprinkle the coffee grounds on your plants’ soil to keep these annoying insects out of the way.

  • Aromatic plants

All types of aromatic plants will not only help to maintain your plants in the best way but will keep your home with fresh fragrances. Cilantro is a great way to keep pesky insects at bay, so pulverize it and spray it with a little water to increase its effect.

  • Garlic

If you see that some of your plants’ leaves are damaged, try placing unpeeled garlic cloves in the soil. In the same way, you can spray the garlic and with a little water spray the affected leaves to recover them quickly without problems.

  • Onion

It is also recommended to spray the affected plants with a prepared mixture of water and powdered onion. You must first let this mixture rest for at least four days to increase its effect, and you must spray the plants two times a day to ward off insects.

  • Eggshell

Although many do not know it, you can fertilize the land with the eggshell to place the plant more efficiently. Crush the eggshells you want until just powder is left and place the same in the plants’ soil.

  • Lemon shells

For this method, you must first grate a full lemon peel and pour it into boiling water, letting the mixture rest for a day. You have to place it in your favorite sprayer and constantly spray the affected plants until it recovers.

How To Prevent Small Black Bug Infestation On Plants

When applying any treatment for aphids, you must be aware of doing it at the right time. In the same way, it is necessary to know the best methods to prevent this and all kinds of pests that attack your plants.

  • Do not apply treatment to apply

It should be noted that it is unnecessary to spray the plants with any medication if an insect does not infest them. This can cause other types of problems for your plants.

  • Time is important

Although it seems a lie, the year’s periods are important to know what type of treatment to use on your affected plants. You can apply a preventive treatment in winter, while in the other seasons, you can place an appropriate insecticide.

  • Size matters

If you can identify any of these pests and know that this is not very serious, you can apply a soap-based treatment. Do not forget to carry out this type of treatment constantly as soon as you detect the pest and keep your garden in perfect condition.

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