How To Get Rid Of Thrips In Picture Frames

How To Get Rid Of Thrips In Picture Frames

You can suffer from the thrips that usually eat the Picture Frames to your misfortune. These tiny insects are attracted to photos you may have with your family, friends, or others. You should learn some information about thrips, because their favorite food is pictures and how you can eliminate them.

Find out how thrips fit into the photo frame, what attracts them, and other things they can eat at home. You should also know how to prevent future thrips from entering the picture frames.

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Why do Thrips Get into your Photo Frame?

The reason why thrips enter the frames of your photographs, for now, is unknown. These few millimeter insects must be attracted to the ink on your photo, the dust, or even a combination of both. It is likely that the insect also loves the taste of photographic paper, so its diet is based on photos.

You don’t know what reason makes thrips eat your beloved photos, so you have to get rid of that pests as soon as possible. Every photograph you can have in the basement will be seen as food for thrips in a packed box.

How Do Thrips Get Inside your Photo Frame?

How Do Thrips Get Inside your Photo Frame?

Something that defines thrips as a threat is that their small size allows them to enter photography frames. These insects measure less than one millimeter, so it will not be an impediment to enter within the photograph’s frame that they are attracted to. Even though you seal the frame with duct tape, these insects will find any way to enter and eat your photos.

What are They Attracted to? 

Thrips can be attracted by the taste of photographic paper or by the ink that the photograph leaves as a texture. Although it is not well defined what attracts thrips, you should protect your valuable photos. These pictures that serve as memory can become opaque or lost due to bites in the worst case.

Thrips come in droves when the temperature drops. These insects look for a new home to protect themselves. Something ironic that the insect does is that it enters the photograph’s frame, feeds, and dies there asphyxiated.

At all times, the herd of thrips will focus on eating the photograph that you have neglected on your living room wall. When you realize the infestation, you will only have to clean the dead pest and see the damage to your photograph.

What Do They Eat?

These insects usually feed on any organic food and even paper that you may have stored in your home. Thrips are attracted to products drawn from nature, such as newsprint or photo paper. Thrips can also be attracted to wet paper that you leave in your exposed basement.

Do Thrips Eat Pictures?

Do Thrips Eat Pictures?

Thrips eat pictures of all kinds, which can annoy you because your memories will deteriorate. For example, you may have a great photo of your family who passed away, and by neglecting the photograph, the thrips ate it up. Anything you have on photographic paper will be attractive to the thrips, and that is why you should repel them.

The good thing about thrips is that they can eliminate the infestation in hours because of their tiny size. In addition, you do not need any chemicals to kill the thrips but items with a strong odor.

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How to Eliminate Thrips in Picture Frames Naturally

If you want to get rid of thrips in Picture Frames naturally, you can resort to the following elements:

  • Air

The easiest way for you to get rid of thrips on Picture Frames is by using air blasts. First, you have to blow out the photograph or use an item that allows you to release an immense amount of air.

When you detect the problem and the thrips infestation is present within your photo frame, the insect will be dead. The thrips will eat the photos but, in turn, will be suffocating inside the frame.

  • Enamel

You can apply some nail polish to the photos to kill the thrips that are alive. You can recognize the insect by showing a black color of a few millimeters and that they do not move much.

  • Mint

Another way that you can get rid of the herd of thrips in your photos is by using peppermint as a repellent. You can use products that have a strong mint smell and apply them to the photo frame. You can prevent the herd of thrips from continuing to damage your photographs.

  • Vinegar with water

Ultimately you should use vinegar and water on the outside of the photo frame to kill thrips. The smell of vinegar can either rush the bug or speed up the process to kill them by suffocation.

How to Prevent Future Thrips From Entering Picture Frames

For you to avoid a future thrips infestation within the market for your pictures, you must do the following:

  • Collect all the important photos

You will need to collect several important photographs to create an insulator in the frame that will prevent thrips. You can take all your old pictures that have a huge degree of sentimental value.

  • Put enough tape on the sides

With the photographs in hand, you have to tape the frame sides to prevent thrips from entering. You don’t want to be stingy with the duct tape and put enough to make sure the bug won’t get back in. Instead, you can stick the tape carefully so that the frame of your photograph does not lose its beauty.

  • Wrap the photograph with newspaper

When you create the insulation in the photo frame and store them in a house, you first have to wrap it with newspapers.

You only have to think about improving your photography so that humidity and thrips do not affect it. In the worst case, the thrips will eat the newspaper coverage.

  • Save the photo in the correct place.

As the last step, you have to save the photo in the correct place not to be exposed to moisture. Finally, you have to discard the basement unless you have fixed its problems with moisture and other pests.

Thrips will not be the only insects that will be behind your photographs because there are other pests that you must fear. For example, sometimes cockroaches are attracted to newspapers and photo paper, so they usually eat it.

You, too, must fear gold beetles because they are fond of photo paper and other materials. Nevertheless, the lifespan of your photograph will be extended as long as you are aware of its importance and seal them correctly.

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