Tiny Black Bugs In Hair

Tiny Black Bugs In Hair

Do you have little black bugs in your hair? Usually, it can be a lice infestation. These parasitic insects can be found in all races, but there have always been less common African Americans’ comments.

Other insects can live on your head, such as fleas and bed bugs. But it is not common for a child to have a flea infestation because these insects do not prefer humans. You can also find bed bugs, but bed bugs do not live on the scalp.

Types of Lice In Humans

Lice are blood-sucking insects that can be found in everybody’s area and are different from each other. There are three types of lice in humans, which are:

  • Head louse

Head lice as adults can measure between 2.1 and 3.3 mm in length. Lice cannot fly or jump; they move by crawling.

  • Body louse or clothing louse

Body lice can be 2.3 to 3.6 mm in length. These types of lice lay eggs on clothing and live on the body.

  • Louse “crab” or pubic louse

These lice measure between 1.1 and 1.8 mm in length and live attached to hair in pubic areas such as whiskers, chest, armpits, eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, etc.

Can Lice Be Black?

Adult lice can vary in color; in black people, they can be dark gray to black. In blonde hair, they can be tanned to light brown.

Are Super Lice Black?

Regular lice and so-called super lice have similar characteristics, and they can be any color, including black. Super lice and common lice are almost the same insects. But super lice have changes or mutations that make them difficult to kill insects, including their eggs.

Super lice are a new strain of head lice that can infect anyone.

How Do Lice Look on Black Hair?

Head lice in blacks will appear dark gray to black. The color of adult lice generally matches the hair color of the infested one. Therefore, it is common for dark hair or dark skin to have darker lice than a blonde person.

How Do I Check For Lice on Black Hair?

If you want to check for black lice, you should start with the hot spots on the head. Look behind the ears, at the crown and the nape of the neck. In general, these areas of the head are where there are more adult lice and nits.

You should check these areas carefully for the presence of lice eggs. Check section by section very carefully to determine if lice and their eggs are present.

If you find little black bugs in your hair, it must be lice. Even if you always find comments that lice are white or tan, you should know that lice can have a wide variety of colors.

Lice are insects that know how to hide very well and will always mix with the hair’s color and the infected person’s skin color. It is very likely that you are dealing with super lice and need more powerful remedies to eliminate them.

Super lice are insects that have become resistant to old and traditional remedies than regular lice. If you want to get rid of lice at home, you should seek a powerful and professional home treatment.

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