Tips on How to Control Ants in Your Garden Without Using Chemicals

How to Control Ants in Your Garden Without Using Chemicals - Photo by thegardeningcook

If you wonder how to control ants in your garden, you can use many methods to get rid of them. You will need first to identify the types that are in your garden before you can eliminate them. They can range from small insects to large ants.

How to Control Ants in Your Garden Without Using Chemicals

Ants are commonly found in gardens and homes because they love to eat plants. However, ants are also harmful to people as they can cause allergic reactions to certain substances. This is why it is essential to control the number of ants in your garden. There are several tips that will help you with this task.

The first tip is to avoid attracting ants to your plants. They are attracted by the sweetness of fruits such as watermelons and cantaloupe. They also like the smell of plants like cilantro, basil, mint, and thyme. If you have plants that have such ingredients on them, then they will attract the ants to your garden. Another way to control the ants in your garden is to use a pesticide when you are tending to the plants. These pesticides are usually called ‘self-propelled,’ and they are used to kill the ants themselves and not the plants they eat.

  • Plant Cloves

There are also natural ways of getting rid of ants from your garden. One of the best ways is to plant cloves around the entrances of your garden. This method works very well as it repels the ants and keeps them away. You can also plant garlic cloves around your home. They will deter ants as well.

  • Use Herbs

Another method of using these herbs is to use them to repel ants. You should also keep an eye out for ants. When you see one, you can immediately spray the ants with some ant-control solutions. However, you should only do this if you have identified the ants well, and they are not too large. Also, there are chemicals available that you can use to control ants as long as you have identified the source of their infestation.

There are also traps that you can use to trap ants. These traps are usually placed outside the garden, and you will be alerted when the ants have entered the area. You can then take the trap away before they are able to enter your garden. These traps can be found at most gardening stores. These traps work well because they will kill the ants as well as destroy their food sources.

If you want to know how to control ants in the garden without using chemicals, then there are certain herbs that you can use to discourage them. Basil, eucalyptus, cloves, and Rosemary are all useful in preventing ants. These herbs are strong enough to repel the ants. These herbs also have antibacterial qualities. You should also plant Rosemary around the entrance to your garden. It will repel ants if you plant a shrub or a bush with them.

One good thing about using these herbs is that they do not cause harm to the plants they are placed around. They can kill the ants on contact. This is because they contain an ant-control solution. These are just a few tips you can try to use to stop ants from attacking your plants. If you think your garden is infested with ants, then you can try these techniques. If you are still unsure, then you can visit our other articles to get more information on how to eliminate ants in the garden.

  • Use Water

Another idea on how to control ants in the garden without using chemicals is by using water. Water is highly toxic to ants. If you can, you should try to pour some liquid soap into the cracks and crevices of the walls.

  • Type of Soil

You should also take into consideration the type of soil that your garden is made up of. If it is sandy or clay-based, it will make it harder for you to get rid of ants. However, if you choose a soil that contains limestone or other minerals, then it will be easier for you to get rid of them. This is because these types of soil contain calcium and other nutrients that repel pests.

  • Pesticide

Another idea of controlling ants in the garden without using chemicals is to prevent them from going near plants. This may be difficult because some plants, such as roses, have many different types of pests. To prevent this problem, you can cut the leaves of the plants that are infesting the area and spray the roots with insecticide. If there is no infestation of ants, you can try planting some flowers that have been treated with this pesticide.

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