What Attracts Daddy Long Legs?

What Attracts Daddy Long Legs?

Discover the things that attract the long-legged spider to your home and prevent the arachnid from entering. Know where spiders of this species make their nests or where you can see the web they use to catch other insects. Although these spiders are tiny, they can cause you a big problem if you let them breed in your home.

See why leggy spiders are attracted to your home’s interior and how you can close their gates. Discover the arachnid’s diet, what they eat, and so you can avoid exposing these elements in your home to them.

What attracts daddy long legs?

Long-legged spiders are attracted to your home by several factors that your property can only give them:

  • Security

As they are small arachnids being outdoors, they can be prone to other insects devouring them. If spiders enter your house, they will be safer and hide wherever they want without detecting them.

  • Food

Even if you do not perceive it in the house, there is much food for this peculiar arachnid, from chips to mosquitoes. Long-legged daddy spiders can easily eat other small insects in your home. Their diet can be based on mosquitoes, cockroaches, moths, beetles, and bed bugs.

  • Easy playback

Now that they have food and security to survive in your home, long-legged spiders can reproduce quickly. Being outside this is almost impossible because the little spiders would not withstand the unfavorable climate.

Something very important that you should consider is these spiders will enter your house when winter approaches. It would be good to prevent its access to avoid an infestation that brings with it many health problems for your body.

Why are daddy long legs getting in your house?

These arachnids especially want to enter your home because it provides security for themselves and their new generation. Although it is very common for you to see spiders outside, they intend to enter your basement. Spiders like humid and very dark areas to survive; your basement or an abandoned room is optional.

Although they are amazing spiders at eliminating other insects, they can be annoying if you let them create an infestation. If you fear spiders, you may have a trauma knowing you can have over 50 long-legged parents a year. The spider can live for over two years, although its life can be extended if it is in your basement, avoiding predators.

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What do daddy long legs spiders eat?

Some things you might observe when eating daddy long-legged spiders include:

  • They eat mosquitoes

These arachnids will feed on adult mosquitoes if they fall into their corner net or in various areas of your home. As the insect is small, this is not a problem for the long legs to devour it in a few minutes.

  • They eat cockroaches

Small cockroaches are long-legged dads’ snack where they try to break open their exoskeleton to feed. This whole process can take days; the important thing is that the spider will have enough food for the winter.

  • Eat bed bugs

If you have a bed bug infestation, this species’ spiders may help you by eating the parasitic insect. Although daddy long-legged spiders can also be a malignant pest if they can help you against bed bugs.

  • They eat other tiny insects

The only limit of these spiders is their size, with a maximum size of 10 mm prevents them from feeding on very large insects. Spiders can eat small beetles, moths, reptiles, and even various species of flies you have around the house.

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