What Causes Carpet Beetles?

What Causes Carpet Beetles

If you are suffering from home pest problems, specifically from beetles, you should know how to get rid of them. You must know what causes the presence of the beetles in the carpet so that you can eliminate the plague now. Find out why the pest wants to create an infestation in your home and how you can prevent that from happening.

You should immediately know where the beetles are coming from onto the carpet in the living room. Learn how these bugs spread and how you can get rid of them when you notice the infestation. Finally, it would help if you learned how to avoid carpet beetles to keep your home protected.

What Causes Carpet Beetles?

You may know carpet beetles as those little critters that can infest many items in your home. These insects tend to reproduce quickly, causing serious damage to the area. You can detect this infestation when once a part of your carpet is missing, it looks damaged.

You need to identify the type of material or food that attracts the carpet beetle to your home. This insect is usually attracted to wool, leather, silk, feathers, or even human hair. The main causes that attract carpet beetles in your home are:

  • Your cleanliness can be bad

You can clean your house, but some areas like the carpet, near the furniture or fabric chairs, are usually ignored. You have to clean these areas of fabric or another element not to attract these annoying critters.

  • Some fabrics are exposed.

The carpet or sofa in your home may have its fabric exposed to carpet beetles, which tends to attract them. Rips, cuts, or holes in the area of ​​your furniture are attractive to the beetle. You should not ignore that this bug is attracted to synthetic materials such as feathers, silk, or leather.

  • Absence of light

With the low light in your living room or where you have your furniture, it may become the ideal place for bugs. The carpet beetle will do very well in dimly lit, humid locations with human absence.

  • You store your food very badly.

You should also be vigilant about the way you store your food because this can cause infestation. If you leave any food open in the cupboard, you will certainly attract critters like beetles.

Where do carpet beetles come from?

Where do carpet beetles come from?

You should know where the carpet beetles come from so that you can avoid infestation:

  • Back garden

Carpet beetles are fans of pollen, so it’s no wonder they come from your backyard. If you have some flowers in your garden, you will have to take good care of them because they can have beetles.

  • Pets

These critters are ingenious when moving into your home because they can also come with your pets. The beetle usually clings to your dog’s hair, then falls into the house and forms its infestation.

  • From your main patio

The beetle can enter your home through the door, window, or other access from your main patio. They are small critters that enter through almost any crevice that gives them access to your home.

  • In your car

Maybe you went on a picnic not long ago and brought a carpet beetle with you in the car. This bug will only hide inside the car so that you can take it to what will become its new home.

  • In your clothes

Another unusual way that you can attract this critter into your home is through your casual clothing. You may go to the park or even from your backyard, and the bug will settle on your clothes.

How do carpet beetles spread?

When a couple of carpet beetles arrive at your home, they will establish as soon as possible and mate. The female beetle can lay up to 70 eggs after mating, leading to a serious infestation. As these insects are very small, you will not notice the infestation at home until you see the damage to your fabric objects.

These beetles will also be attracted to furniture and the keratin that makes it up, making it excellent food. The bug will live in this area for at least nine months, the estimated time of life. The beetles can also eat other foods such as grains or pieces of other foods.

How to get rid of carpet beetles naturally?

How to get rid of carpet beetles naturally 2021

Now that you understand what the causes are and how the carpet beetle comes to your home, you should know how to eliminate it:

  • Boric acid

You can buy borax to kill carpet beetles at home in a very simple way. Boric acid is a quiet natural repellent that does not smell or taste but does affect the beetle. This bug will dry itself from the inside after eating the borax, which will soon end the infestation.

  • Diatomaceous earth

You can turn to diatomaceous earth to reduce the plague at home or to finish it off altogether. This natural remedy is not as effective as borax against beetles, but it can be of great help.

  • Vinegar with water

Vinegar Scent is the natural carpet beetle pesticide for you to apply at home. Just spray the infested area with vinegar; you can combine it with water to make it work, to kill the pest.

  • Salt

You should take some salt with water and apply it to your home to kill the carpet beetles. This bricolage is excellent against the plague and has the power to dry it out.

How To Prevent Carpet Beetles From Entering Your Home?

You must avoid the infestation of carpet beetles at home, and therefore you have to do the following:

  • Vacuum the carpet

You can use the vacuum cleaner to clean the entire home, specifically the carpet where the bug will be. You have to avoid the infestation of this beetle, and with frequent cleaning of the carpet, you will achieve it.

  • Clean the sofa and rugs

You can clean the sofa and carpet once a week to remove organic materials in the area. You have to use a damp cloth to clean the sofa from stains or other things.

  • Clean your home constantly

You should promote cleanliness in your home because this will help you avoid bugs such as carpet beetles. You only have to use cleaning products with a strong smell like lavender which is effective.

  • Use vinegar every so often.

Finally, you have to get used to the smell of vinegar to use it for a certain time in your home. Vinegar is the best repellent against the carpet beetle, so you have to prioritize it.

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