What Do Baby Bed Bugs Look Like?

What Do Baby Bed Bugs Look Like?

Find out how you can identify bed bugs in their young or hatching larval stage. Know what the insect looks like and the key points you must consider to eliminate them.

You must take care of bed bugs because insects can bite your skin and discover how much that bite hurts. See the correct way to find a bed bug in your baby’s room or mattress and protect it from now on.

What Do Baby Bed Bugs Look Like?

A bed bug is a parasitic insect that can live in your house without problems due to its tiny size; it goes unnoticed. This insect has an oval appearance with a flat body not exceeding 7 mm in length; they mostly inhabit your room. Bed bugs can bring an infestation with them because they reproduce at least 20 times a year while they are in your home.

This pest’s appearance has a reddish-brown color, and in its larval stage before hatching, its appearance is transparent. They are active insects at night; they look for a way to bite your foot to obtain blood. You may know that you get a bed bug from a small bump that it leaves on your skin, reddish and somewhat painful.

Can Bed Bugs Bite?

Bed bugs are insects that can bite you as often as they like until you take steps to get rid of them. A bed bug bite can be painless for an adult, but it can be annoying for your children. You should avoid a bed bug infestation in your home and more so when you have a baby to keep; it can make him sick.

Bedbug activity is nocturnal, when you are asleep, and they can bite you without pressure. You will receive at least 3 to 5-bed bug bites each night; this number can go up if you have an infestation.

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How To Find Baby Bed Bugs

For you to identify a baby bed bug in your bed or in that of your relatives at home, you must know some tricks. It is very easy for you to see what type of bedbug you are facing by noticing some characteristics in its appearance:

  • Color

A baby bed bug has a semi-transparent color that covers most of its body until it feeds. When feeding on blood, the bed bug takes on a reddish appearance as it is a transparent body. You can identify the insect with intense red colors, by the blood and the rest of its body almost white.

  • Size

As it is a bed bug in the growth stage, its size does not amount to 1 millimeter. They are tiny insects, but in the same way, you can easily detect them without using a magnifying glass; this is a myth. Seeing a reddish dot move on your mattress or home is almost impossible for you to lose sight of until you eliminate it.

  • Food

Baby or growing bed bugs have an insatiable hunger, which can increase their activity during the day. You will not suffer from this plague only at night, but you can see it for the rest of the day looking to feed. You must prevent the pest from developing entirely because you will have more baby bed bugs by reproducing in a few weeks.

  • Development

A bed bug will look like this for eight weeks until they finally reach their adult stage, ready to breed. It is important to detect the insect and eliminate them with chemicals or natural remedies at home. You have to get rid of the insect to protect your health and other relatives who reside on your property.

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