What Do Baby Termites Look Like?

What Do Baby Termites Look Like?

Find out what baby termites look like so you can identify them and get rid of them if they created an infestation at home. Know how harmful these insects are and how important it is that you eliminate them. Find out the insect’s life cycle and how much they can reproduce in the year to take your measurements.

It is time for you to be alert for this pest that can create a rapid infestation in your home without realizing it. Discover what the differences in appearance are between a baby and an adult termite so that you can identify.

What do baby termites look like?

You can easily identify baby termites because of their white color and tiny size. They are not insects that go through the pupal cycle but rather develop under similar sizes from babies to adults. You can observe them in their nest at home or in outdoor areas where the presence of wood and other elements abounds.

They are always united, so creating an infestation is not something very complicated for them. When you see a baby termite, many insects in your house or on a log in your backyard means that there are many of these insects. They are usually very passive, although they can attack each other no matter how big you are when they feel intimidated.

These insects give off a disgusting smell in addition to causing large infestations that will kill all the wood in your home. If you have wooden cabinets, termites may eat them in less than a year. It is difficult to control, but you can get rid of them without problems by taking the time measures.

Are baby termites harmful?

Baby termites are very harmful, and you should avoid them inside your home because they can cause some problems in your life. From a simple point of view, it is very detestable that you see any wooden element that has termites. This plague can cause you frustration by destroying your precious objects that are composed of this material.

You can take some relief in knowing that baby termites do not devour as fast as adults but are harmful. When there are larvae of this termite, there is an infestation in your house, so you must act to eliminate them.

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Life Cycle of Termites

The life cycle in termites is reduced from nymphs to adults quickly, divided into different functions. Termites like ants have a colony to protect and a queen to serve. There are soldiers and workers in their way of life, they prepare their energy for the summer, and they hide in the winter.

In half a year, the termite goes from baby to adult, where its size is not so big but if they eat a little more. You must be careful with the insect because they work without resting; if they see a wood piece, they will finish it quickly.

Baby termites vs. adult termites

Baby termites have some differences from adults in:

  • Color

A baby termite has a white color, and an adult termite is light brown for you to identify easily.

  • Size

Baby termites are tiny, and large ones rise a few millimeters. You can see them with a magnifying glass for both life cycles since they are less than 4 mm in adulthood.

  • Production

In general, baby termites eat just enough while adults tend to eat in exaggerated quantities. An adult termite can work throughout the day, increasing its production in the course of the night.

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