What Do Bed Bugs Look Like To The Human Eye?

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like To The Human Eye?

Bed bugs are usually parasitic insects that inhabit your home without your consent; sometimes, you cannot even detect them. Find out what these insects look like to the human eye and see how easy it is to recognize them.

Know how visible bed bugs are in their development stage and its aspects since it is a long one. Find out what bed bugs look like on your bed mattress, recognize them, and take all measures to eliminate them now.

What Do The Bed Bugs Look Like To Human Eyes?

You can easily identify bed bugs by their oval appearance, somewhat flat and brown with red accents. This parasitic insect can measure from 5 to 7 mm; they usually leave traces of blood where they passed. What makes it difficult for you to identify the insect is that they are active at night, it is very unlikely that they move during the day.

When you see a bed bug with these color and size specifications, you should know that they are in their adult stage. Young and adult bed bugs are very different since their color changes a lot in this process.

Are Bed Bugs Visible At All Stages Of Their Development?

Although they are somewhat complicated for you to see due to their size at the larval stage, bed bugs are easy to identify. An adult bed bug is 7 mm maximum, a young bed bug is no larger than 4 mm, and a bed bug larva is only 2 mm. The important thing is that when you identify an adult bed bug, you automatically know that you have an infestation at home or are in process.

It is very good to identify the insect to use repellants or all-natural remedies to get rid of them. With some professional help from pest experts, you can have your home bed bug free.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like On A Mattress?

It is very unlikely to see bed bugs in the mattress because they hide between this element’s inner surface. In case you can detect them, you can see a reddish-brown dot moving quickly, preventing you from killing it. You can also see some signs on the mattress as traces of blood that would be the insect’s feces after eating.

As another option, you can clean your mattress in this way; the bed bugs will fly out of the area looking to hide. You must clean your mattress every often to prevent bed bugs from being around you. You can use cleaning products or other items that make your mattress uninhabitable for bed bugs.

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What Do Bed Bug Larvae Look Like?

The larvae of the bed bugs have an unrecognizable appearance since they are transparent and with red dots. It is very difficult for you to see the bed bug larvae because of their small size of 2 millimeters maximum. Each larva has an evolution process in 12 days; this occurs at least 20 times a year when bed bugs reproduce.

If you see any semi-transparent pellets on your bed or sofa, you should know that they are bed bug larvae about to hatch. You must get rid of this new generation of bed bugs that want to take over your home. You must eliminate the larvae by the infestation and go for the adult bed bugs that must be very close.

One good thing about bed bug larvae is that when you see one, it is because you are close to the insect’s home. You will come across at least 50-bed bug eggs that you must immediately remove from your mattress.

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