What Do Cockroaches Eat?

 What Do Cockroaches Eat

Cockroaches are pests that no one wants to find in their home; they are unsightly and gross and can be a severe problem for homes. Cockroaches can contaminate surfaces they pass through and leave bacteria that can cause illness.

Do you want to know what do cockroaches eat? Cockroaches are omnivores and are considered opportunistic because they can eat anything they come across. You can eat human food and pet food without problems and waste materials or dead animals.

You should know that the reasons these pests enter your home are to search for water and food sources. Below you will find all the information you need on this topic to avoid a roach infestation in your home.

What Do Cockroaches Eat?

Roaches can feed on a wide variety of foods that they can find in their path. They always look for foods with nutritional value such as starchy foods, sweets, sugary foods, and meat.

What do cockroaches eat? They can eat even items that humans do not consider food, such as leather, paper, grease, fabrics, etc. Some cockroaches can live for a few months without food and two weeks without water.

German cockroaches

It is a cockroach species that can be typical inside houses; they prefer warm, humid areas close to food sources. The foods that attract them the most are:

  • Sweets like sodas, juices, and sugar
  • Bread or cereals
  • Pet food
  • Meat products

American cockroaches

American cockroaches come into your home to search for food and dark, humid, and warm places. They live in drains, sewers, etc., and their most attractive foods are:

  • Dead or injured cockroaches
  • Mushrooms
  • Small insects
  • Wood particles
  • Decomposing leaves
  • Food crumbs on the ground
  • Tea and milk
  • Food spilled in sinks
  • Fermented foods
  • Bakery foods

Can Roaches Smell Food?

Yes, cockroaches have a good olfactory sense and can smell food and get to them more easily. Unpleasant odors can also attract roaches into your home.

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Where Do They Find Food?

Cockroaches can easily find food sources in homes, such as:

  • Crumbs on the ground or surfaces.

If there are food and water everywhere, the roaches are going to have a great feast. For these pests, the crumbs will be a snack at night; if there are splashes in the kitchen, it will also be an excellent food for them.

  • Trash at night.

They can go into your garbage and feed at night. Roaches like to eat waste and will be happy to get into your garbage.

  • Pet food.

Your pet’s meals will also be a food source for roaches. Many people leave their pet food dishes open at night, and it will be a buffet for roaches. This empty and there are only crumbs, these pests will go looking for them, and for them, it will be enough.

  • Dirty dishes in the sink.

The food left on the plates will also be a source of food for the roaches to look for. The roaches like pieces of pasta or vegetables remain in the sink, so you should not leave dirty dishes to avoid visits from cockroaches.

  • Human food.

What Do Cockroaches Eat? 

All the food you have in your pantry will attract roaches; they can chew cardboard, paper, plastic containers, and reach the inside’s content.

If you leave a container or package of food uncovered, they will enter to eat, which should be considered contaminated food.

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