What Do Flies Eat?

What Do Flies Eat?

You have probably noticed different types of flies flying around you. These species threaten the overall hygienic situation. People generally do not welcome flies into their homes. This is primarily because it can ruin the food you are going to eat. Now, the question is, Why is it so? It is because flies are not the cleanest species and can spread infections all over your house and food. People do not let flies enter their lest everyone falls sick. To avoid such infestations, you must take preventions and know what they eat. 

What do flies eat? 

What do flies eat 2021

Flies mostly get attracted to food that is organic decaying. However, the eating habits of a fly depend on the species of fly. Each species of fly eats different things. The eating habit of one species of fly is completely different from the other species of fly. We will further discuss the different species of flies available in the world and what each of them eats. 

What do crane flies eat?

The adult crane flies tend to do seldom eating because of their active mating life. They generally feed on flower nectar and flower pollen. The herbivorous crane flies eat plant roots, seedlings, decomposing wood, fungi, and flowers. On the other hand, the carnivorous crane flies eat mosquito larvae and small insects. 

What do Drain Flies eat?

Drain flies only feed on sewage and organic decomposed matter. They also eat microscopic plants, sediments, decaying vegetation, and microscopic animals. 

What do Cluster Flies eat?

Cluster flies, like male horse flies, feed on plant fluids and flower nectar. However, if they do not get it, they shift to feeding on organic matter decomposed. 

What do Horse Flies eat?

These species of flies generally have very sharp jaws with which they can tear the flesh of meats. The male horse flies tend to feed on plant fluids, honeydew, plant juices, and flower nectar. On the contrary, female horse flies eat a blood meal. For this, they tend to bite humans and big cattle. 

What do Blow Flies eat?

Blowflies are also known as bottle flies. These species are fairly large with a metallic blue, bronze, black, or green sheen. These flies burrow themselves entirely into the food and prefer eating animal carcasses and decaying or fresh meat. 

What do Fruit Flies eat?

It is mainly liquid sources and fermented food that attracts flies towards it. These flies are quite commonly found in food industries and houses. Foods that these species of flies search for are wine, vinegar, cider, beer, grapes, bananas, tomatoes, pineapples, onions, peaches, potatoes, mustard pickles, and sugary substances. 

What do House Flies eat?

House flies are typically general feeders. This means that house flies eat almost everything from animals to human fecal remains and normal food. Since their mouths are usually sponging, they survive on liquid foods. So, through regurgitation, they tend to liquefy all their food. Some of the substances they are attracted to are animal feces, overripe vegetables, and fruits, and sugary substances. 

How do Flies eat? 

Not all species of flies have mouths that can allow them to eat or chew their food. Since they do not have teeth, all these flies eat with the help of proboscis. The proboscis is a special sucking and elongated mouthpart that helps flies eat all sorts of food. This mouth part is typically flexible and tubular. 

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