What Does Termite Droppings Look Like?

What Does Termite Droppings Look Like

Find out what termite droppings look like so you can spot them and track them to eliminate the pest. Know what the odor of this stool is and how much you will come across at home. You have to get rid of the insect to prevent your house from falling to pieces of the wood the termites consume.

Know how you can clean termite droppings and what special items you should use. Take things with caution to prevent the insect from deteriorating your life in any way while at home.

What Are Termite Droppings?

Termite droppings are all the residue that the insect left after digesting the wood inside your house. A couple of termites can produce a lot of excrement that they will eventually use to create their colony. As the terminals do not have tools or other construction elements, they use what they have on hand, which is excrement.

The insect takes their excrement to create small passageways into the wood they are eating or their colony. Termites are adept at building these paths, although the way they do it with excrement is somewhat disgusting. You should prevent termites from creating an infestation in your home so they don’t make these piles of pure feces.

What Do Termite Droppings Look Like?

Termite droppings can be easily spotted because it is an exaggerated amount that you can see. They are brown, gray, or occasionally beige depending on the type of wood the termite is consuming. These feces are 1 millimeter in size and are usually at the base of wooden objects where they feed.

If one end is devouring your wooden table, you will see a small mound at its base. This mound can be exaggerated or a small amount depending on how bad your infestation is. You can also mistake the poop for a pile of salt but with a very different color than what you are used to seeing.

Although termite droppings do not have an odor, you can easily smell if something ugly can be seen in your home. If you think about selling your home, this tiny thing may cause the property to lose value. If you see these mounds of excrement, you should look for the termites and eliminate them.

How To Clean Up Termite Droppings?

Termite droppings tend to harden when exposed to sunlight, so cleaning this item can be difficult. Find out how you can eliminate termite droppings that you find in your external areas by following these steps:

1. Use protection

You must wear a mask and gloves to clean the excrement. The first thing is your safety. This is a low-odor item, but you can get dirty with excrement if you handle it with your hands-free. In this case, the mouth cover will help prevent the excrement from entering your mouth and cause any complications.

2. Apply cleaning products to the stool

You should take the time to apply cleaning products all over the way the poop-based bed bugs did. You can use the bleach to soften the area and remove it with a cloth, brush, or another item where you can press it. You must clean the area well. Termite droppings can leave stains on your wall.

3. Clean and remove termites

When you clean all the excrement, the ideal is that you get rid of the problem entirely by killing the termites. You can use the same cleaning product to kill the bug when you notice it. You must remove termites from your home because the damage they can cause is incredible.

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