What Does Termite Larvae Look Like?

What Does Termite Larvae Look Like?

Learn all about termites and their larvae so you can get rid of them if you see them in your home today. Find out what long termite termites look like, their size, color, and way of feeding in this cycle. Know all the life cycles in which the longs pass and how often this insect reproduces.

You must know about this insect because it is very common for them to cause an infestation in your home or yard. Find out the damages caused by termite larvae and take the measures you see correct to kill them.

What Are Termite Larvae?

Termite larvae are a shortened version in every sense of an adult termite that can kill large logs. This insect has an insatiable hunger that you can observe outside or inside your house if you have an infestation. The insect works using a colony and queen termite that controls and distributes all the larvae for a new generation.

These larvae are not very different from the termites you are used to seeing; their color is just one way to identify them. When you detect these insects’ whole colony, seeing the larvae may be common, but you should avoid it.

What Do Termite Larvae Look Like?

You can identify termite larvae by their semitransparent white color and small size. The insect can measure from 1 to 2 mm is one of the smallest but dangerous that you can have at home. To see the insect correctly, you must use a magnifying glass or something that enlarges the image and sees it in detail.

You will come across a good number of termite larvae; in the year, the queen can produce more than 1000 eggs. They are very dangerous insects that dominate the area where they land in their colony. Their resting area and serving the queen can be gigantic because the thermals created that colony.

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The Life Cycle Of Termite Larvae

The life cycle in termites is very long, and they do not gain many sizes until they reach their adult stage. A larva is 1 to 2 mm long and grows to a maximum of 5 mm to be an adult termite. After you complete this cycle, the colony will assign you a caste in soldier, worker, or termite to reproduce.

Throughout their lives, termites work long hours to feed the queen and keep the colony stable. They are insects very close but very dangerous with any wooden element outside or inside the house. Termite larvae have minimal production compared to working in adult termites.

Damage Caused By Termite Larvae

The damage termite’s cause in your home is varied, but you will not like it in general. If you have a traditional wooden house and suffer from insect infestation, you can lose it in weeks. They are insects that do not rest and will eat your floor, paneling, tables, cabinets, or other wooden elements.

Something encouraging is that termite larvae are not very active, but their cycle to adulthood is very fast. You should not be too confident when you see a tiny termite because they can be dangerous even at that size. You should contact the pest control in your city to get rid of the insect before it is too late, and unfortunately, you lose your home.

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