What Repels Bed Bugs?

What Repels Bed Bugs?

You can find many natural products or methods that repels bed bugs. Bed bugs are very nasty insects, and allowing them into your home would be a big mistake. It is why you must take all possible measures to prevent their entry, and if they are already inside your home, you must get rid of them quickly.

Bed bug infestations are very common, and why they reproduce quickly anywhere is still a mystery to experts. But to combat them, there are many natural options that you can use.

What Scents Do Bed Bugs Hate?

Bed bugs are nocturnal insects, so they will preferably bite you during sleep, and you will notice by the red bumps that you will see on your body when you wake up. Bed bugs have a preference for living in bedrooms, especially on mattresses and bedding. Bed bugs prefer spaces where there is darkness so as not to be trapped.

Certain scents are very useful to get rid of bed bugs:

The alcohol
Tea tree oil
Blood orange oil
Lavender oil
Pepper powder
The cinnamon
The lemon
Neem oil

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Does Peppermint Oil Kill Bed Bugs?

Peppermint oil is one of the remedies that repels bed bugs, and it has been proven after several studies carried out by experts. This plant has an odor that is very unpleasant for bed bugs, and also for other unwelcome pests. This smell is capable of eliminating any pest that is inside or outside your home.

With peppermint oil, you can keep your home free of pests and diseases that some of them can transmit. To eliminate bed bugs, you can use the leaves or peppermint oil, and when they give off their smell, the bed bugs will move away from your space and not return.

Do Rubbing Alcohol And Lavender Oil Kill Bed Bugs?

Alcohol and lavender oil are also natural products that repair bed bugs. If you are going to use isopropyl alcohol, you can spray it all over your home, and you will see how it eliminates all the bed bugs that may be there.

Lavender oil has a very strong odor that can ward off bed bugs and other insects. You can have a lavender silver in your home, and extract the oil from it to eliminate all the bed bugs close to you.

You can place lavender oil throughout your home, or just in areas that are infested with bed bugs. Lavender has many properties, so you can get a lot out of it and keep bed bugs out of your home forever.

Diatomaceous Earth For Bed Bugs

Many methods of repelling bed bugs and natural ones are a great option because they are effective and cheaper. Diatomaceous earth is available among the different options that can be used to eliminate bed bugs. This soil is made with fossilized algae powder, and it is very useful to eliminate any plague.

Diatomaceous earth kills the waxy exoskeleton of pests and has an odor that turns out to be very unpleasant for bed bugs. Once you spread this product around your home, bed bugs will quickly go away, and they won’t want to come back. Sprinkle the diatomaceous earth on the areas that are infested by the bed bugs, and voila.

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