What Temperature Kills Carpet Beetles?

What Temperature Kills Carpet Beetles

You need to know some facts about how resistant carpet beetles are too high temperatures. Find out if steam can kill these critters in your home so you can prime your vacuum right now. You can find out how steam will kill a carpet beetle infestation at home.

These insects are very annoying, and you have to do everything you can to eliminate their infestation. You must test the critters’ resistance level to know what you can and cannot do to kill them.

How can steam kill a carpet beetle infestation?

How can steam kill a carpet beetle infestation

You can learn how steam can kill a carpet beetle infestation at home:

  • Vacuum frequently

You can use your steam vacuum frequently in the affected area, such as the sofa, furniture, or in the basement. The heat can pulverize the beetles or at least drive them out of the area they are infested.

  • Put the vacuum cleaner on maximum power.

You should have no mercy on these critters at home and set the vacuum cleaner on full power if possible. Cleaning the infected area can be quick and very effective for you to apply at this time.

  • Combine steam with hot water

You can combine vacuuming with hot water to get rid of the pest right away. The beetle can resist steam but never hot water, giving it a temperature above 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

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What temperature kills carpet beetles?

Beetles can die at a temperature of about 120 degrees Fahrenheit for you to vacuum. A conventional vacuum cleaner can emit 150 degrees Fahrenheit, so it will be easy for you to kill the bug. Although beetles have a strong shell, they will not withstand much heat and are therefore vulnerable.

You have to catch the carpet beetle infestation and vacuum it up. The beetle will stop moving and will die for you to dispose of later. Many beetles can flee just by hearing the sound of the vacuum cleaner running.

Do carpet beetles die at low temperatures?

Do carpet beetles die at low temperatures

Carpet beetles also have a weakness when you expose them to low temperatures. The beetle and its larvae may die if the ambient temperature drops to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. With this low temperature for at least a week, the bug will not reproduce and only die from freezing.

To reach this temperature, you will only have to turn on your air conditioning in the infested area. You may disable that infested area until you kill the bug with the low temperature. If you don’t like the cold to kill carpet beetles, don’t rule out the heat method.


You can combat carpet beetles with natural methods that will control their temperature. You may need a powerful air conditioner or a vacuum that you can use to kill the bug. Carpet beetles look tough but are very vulnerable to extreme temperatures.

You have to get rid of the pest now, avoid the infestation and have a completely clean house. These bugs are very common in your home and more when wintertime arrives because they seek shelter. You have to apply any hot or cold methods and kill the pest along with its lengths, avoiding an infestation.

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