What To Put In Mice Traps

What To Put In Mice Traps

If you have an infestation of mice at home, you should know how long before you put them in the trap to kill them. You can use some foods that will attract the pest to catch it and get rid of it. Mice are dangerous and annoying animals around the house, so you should plan to kill them on detection.

Discover what exactly you can put in the mouse traps so you can reduce the infestation at home. Know which are the special places where you can place these mouse traps. Finally, you must know how to configure a mousetrap to enjoy its optimal performance.

What To Put In Mice Traps?

When you plan to end the infestation of mice at home, you have to use some good baits in the traps, such as:

  • Cheese

You can turn to cheese like a mouse bait because it is the most attractive to the pest. Cheese can spread its smell throughout the house, forcing the mouse to come out and try to eat it in one way or another.

  • Marshmallow

Everything sweet and caramel attracts mice so that you can turn to marshmallows as bait in traps. The marshmallow also fulfills the function of trapping the animal because its composition is very sticky.

  • Dried meat

With dried meat to catch mice, you will have very high results that will allow you to eliminate the pest. This smell of meat causes the animal to come out of its hiding place and run directly to the cold metal of the trap.

  • Peanut butter

Everyone loves peanut butter, and this doesn’t rule out mice so that you can use it as bait too.

Where To Put Mouse Traps?

Where To Put Mouse Traps

If you want the best of results when placing mouse traps at home, you will have to use these strategic points:

  • Edge of the wall

You can put the mouse traps between the wall edges because these animals do not usually run through the center of your house. Mice will always seek to walk close to the wall to preserve their life and not be detected.

  • Under cabinets, shop windows, etc.

Closets, shop windows, scrubbers, or other areas in the home can be a priority for mice, so you must set their traps.

  • Near his cave

If you find the home of the mice, you can place a series of traps in their access to catch them.

How To Set Up A Mousetrap?

For you to catch the mice, you have to know how to configure the trap after completing these steps:

  • You have to remove the support that has the shape of a staple that is the one that holds the bar going to the wooden base.
  • Place the bait you want on the pedal and pull back that metal bow with your thumbs.
  • Using one hand, you should insert the tip of this curved bar between a “V” that the bait is made of.

It is important that you set the trap in the area where you will leave it to catch the mouse and not move it after setting it up. When you have the trap set, you have to be patient and wait for the mouse to fall into it.

The mouse will be attracted by the smell of the bait and will approach the trap; when it tries to eat the bait, the spring will be activated. This hit generated by the trap is dry, does not take long, and guarantees to catch the mouse. You can buy several mouse traps to eliminate the infestation from your home in a simple way.

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