Where Do Carpet Beetles Lay Eggs?

Where do carpet beetles lay eggs?

Of course, there are quite a few insects that bother remarkably, being the carpet beetles one of them. These beings can feed on many elements such as skin, wool, silk, felt, leather, and even feathers. The main reason for the taste for these materials is that they all have keratin, which they easily digest.

Considering all these data, it is obvious that these pests are a common problem in homes that must be eradicated. The worst thing about the situation is that people are unable to notice these critters in most situations. Knowing more about them from their earliest form can make them eradicate from the beginning.

Where Do Carpet Beetles Lay Their Eggs?

This is the youngest stage of these insects, being, in turn, one of the most difficult to detect. These are the most common places where the plague can manifest itself:

  • Indoor areas are a favorite for this beetle class but are also found outdoors.
  • Around rugs.
  • In different fabrics
  • The upholstery.
  • Nests for birds or rodents.
  • Wardrobes and much more.

What Time Do the Carpet Beetles Lay Their Eggs?

An interesting characteristic of carpet beetles is that their life cycle tends to last only one year. Its process goes through different changes in which its adult form is the most relevant when laying the eggs.

Generally, the beetle appears between April and June only to find a place to lay its eggs. The larvae, for their part, are usually active in October because they must hibernate later.

It is important to note that temperature is essential for these pests; warmer areas in winter times reduce the life cycle.

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How Do You Kill Carpet Beetle Eggs?

How Do You Kill Carpet Beetle Eggs?

Cleaning is essential to eliminate carpet beetles even before they become a pest. Here are some tips:

  • Use the vacuum cleaner more often; run it on carpets, furniture, rugs, or curtains.
  • Steam is useful; it goes back through the previous areas, only this time with a cleaner that uses this element. Any missing adult eggs or beetles will disappear thanks to the humidity and heat.
  • Wash bedding and bathroom items more often and in hot water.
  • In the case of having infections in garments and feeling uncomfortable for it, it is enough to dispose of it carefully. Sealing it in a plastic bag is the best way to dispose of it in a garbage container far from home.
  • Vinegar mixtures are excellent for fighting carpet beetles on various surfaces. This also works to remove dirt and food traces that linger around the home.
  • Boric acid is an insecticide that can be applied to furniture, rugs, and carpets; the best thing is that it is easy to use. Just put the element into powder, let it sit for two hours, vacuum, and dispose of the debris carefully.
  • There are indoor insecticides that are specifically targeted at carpet beetles. These come in a spray and can be put in different areas, but they are also not very useful for clothing or furniture.
  • When the situation looks ugly, the only thing left to do is call external help, and exterminators are the best options to consider. These professionals are excellent because they know how to eradicate this type of beetle in all their life cycles.

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