Where Do Fleas Hide?

Where Do Fleas Hide

Fleas are animals that live and feed on the skin of humans and pets, and they are very small. These come to produce itches due to the bites they can make, and they transmit diseases that damage pets’ health. They do not have wings, and their bodies are flattened with a dark brown hue.

Thanks to the flat and thin bodies, they can move through the hair of different animals. They feed by biting and sucking their blood; being only the adults, they bite the animals that play the role of their “host.” Pet owners must focus very well on the environment around them.

Where Do Fleas Hide?

If there are no traces of flea bites on pets, it can be assumed that you are free of these animals. However, fleas are masters when it comes to hiding very well.

  • The dogs’ tails

Fleas can indeed stay on all pets, and they will sneak around the body as possible to do so. Any part of a dog can be a perfect place for fleas, but they very often hide in the thick fur on the tail. 

This is one of the main reasons dogs suffering from allergic dermatitis have signs of itching and hair loss.

  • Cats front parts

Their ways of hiding are very different when it comes to cats; they are mostly found around the head. 

The neck of cats is also another site that can potentially be completely affected by the presence of fleas. 

Cats with flea allergy dermatitis can develop irritations to the skin, neck, or all around it.

On Furniture

Flea pupae often hide in cushions, on furniture, and sofas found in living rooms. In these places, fleas are very happy to stay for long periods without being interrupted. Pupae are one of the flea life stages that are most difficult to kill or disappear.

The most effective weapon to achieve pupal control is to prevent fleas and their presence on furniture completely. 

Furniture can be protected with special materials so that it is almost impossible to make fleas live in the furniture.

In Beds

Fleas in the bed are a reality that many people have to fight daily; it is necessary to get rid of them to avoid health damage. In addition to causing damage to health, fleas can rob people of hours of sleep and comfort during their breaks in their beds.

One of the first steps is to prevent household pets from sharing the same rooms as people. 

The vast majority of fleas die when exposed to high temperatures, and eliminating these will prevent serious diseases from spreading.

In Carpet

When fleas are larvae, they hatch their eggs and move away from any source of light, heading towards the surfaces of the floors. Frequently, they move inside the carpets and feed on all the organic waste and feces that the fleas themselves leave behind.

Vacuuming these rugs can be an effective solution, depending on the flea’s life stages. Regularly vacuuming pet resting places can eliminate fleas by 80%.

On Pets

If pets have irritated skin, they scratch or bite their fur a lot; they may have fleas on their body. Anti-flea combs can be used over the pet’s entire coat; these will cause dark spots to be found or even live fleas themselves. 

Immediate relief should be provided with special flea baths for pets. In addition, flea spray is also available on the market.

On Humans

Fleas are small insects that feed on the blood of humans, pets, and everything that has warm blood. Pet owners may not be bothered by fleas until they are absent for a long period. Fleas can search for other food sources and bite humans (on the legs, waists, thighs).

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Where do fleas hide outside?

Where do fleas hide outside

Fleas are by no means limited in being present on dogs, cats, and people; They can also be present in other external beings in homes. 

Animals such as raccoons, opossums, coyotes, foxes, and skunks are excellent hosts for fleas, and their fur represents an ideal location. 

Crawling spaces, garages, areas near garbage (boats), and stagnant waters can be strong harbors for fleas.

One of the first actions that people must do to prevent fleas from hiding outdoors is to prevent wildlife. 

Many animals frequent the gardens; you can prevent fleas from getting into your house. Buildings, terraces, gardens, and other places must be secured where trash and standing water are not present.

Where do fleas hang out?

90% of fleas gather in outdoor environments and not on pets or people; for this reason, it is recommended to fumigate the environments. 

In the open air, fleas always prefer to be together in humid, cool, and shady places. Its most favorite places are the leaves, the bushes, and the trees.

They avoid gathering and breeding in sunny areas with open grass.

People should completely prevent these flea joints from developing further as they can become a bigger threat. 

There are several techniques that people and pet owners can do to avoid the presence of fleas. 

It is necessary not to leave a single space for fleas to take in, thus avoiding any risk of contracting a disease.

Will fleas go away on their own?

The answer is no. Fleas are not animals that disappear independently for no reason, so they have to be expelled from a place or prevented from settling. 

If the conditions are created and a good clean outdoor space is not maintained, fleas may never disappear from that place. Like pets, if they are not well cared for, they will be an ideal place for fleas forever.

Special actions must be taken in certain climates of the year so that fleas are completely prevented from taking over. But, ultimately, fleas are not about disappearing on their own for no reason.

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