Where Do Roaches Hide?

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Cockroaches are resistant to form an uncomfortable pest. It is essential to know where the cockroaches hide. It is the first step that must be considered to eradicate them. You need to learn where their nests are so you can get rid of them.

Interestingly, you know that cockroaches cause different problems, these are;

They can carry eggs with parasites; these cause respiratory problems and dermatologists.

  • Cockroaches are now shown to cause asthma. Several studies have found that asthma symptoms are exacerbated where these insects live.
  • These insects transmit stomach problems because they are in the garbage dumps and sewers, and later they enter the windows of the home. They are depositing harmful bacteria on food, drawers, and other places.

If you get a live cockroach in the house, there will be many more. You should look for the correct way to kill these insects because they transmit disease and pass it into garbage dumps and sewers. This article will talk about this topic, so you know where they hide in the house.

Where Roaches Hide In Work And Living Areas?

You must know the places where cockroaches hide at home or work; these are

  • Dark and damp places like garages, basements, and warehouses are where they like to be the most. To know where these insects hide at home, this is the best place for you to look.
  • To survive, they require water, and they are also available on the roofs, cracks, and small figures. Cockroaches will come out in these places.
  • Where there are drains and pipes, they are the ideal habitat for cockroaches. So, behind your washers, dishwasher, or dryer, check these sites for these insects.
  • Also in drains, bathtubs and showers, sinks.
  • The grates and cracks, you can find cockroaches.
  • Plastic and wood love cockroaches. So they will probably make their nests behind the wooden cabinets. A yellowish substance covers cockroach eggs.
  • Roaches feed on cardboard and paper, so all the boxes made with this material are kept away in the house.
  • At night cockroaches come out and like to be in household appliances such as mixers, toasters, and coffee makers. Looking for food, it is ideal for you to clean everything before going to sleep.
  • Another hiding place these insects are fascinated by is the house’s basements, behind pictures and in dark places.

Cockroaches also hide at work, especially in food companies. If you notice there are cockroaches in the workplace, it is convenient that you eliminate the place where they hide.

Where office supplies are kept, cockroaches often hide. You should talk to the cleaning staff, so they eliminate the roaches. Well, it is uncomfortable to work in a place where you know these insects hide.

Where Roaches Hide In Your Kitchens?

There are 4,500 species of cockroaches worldwide. Roaches often hide in the kitchen. The areas of the kitchen where these insects love to hide are under the sink, in drawers, in baseboards, and on shelves. For them, a kitchen is an excellent place. Thank you that the food is there.

It is vital always to keep this place clean; at night, it is essential not to leave bread crumbs on the table. Since it is a way to attract them, these insects in this place can affect health since they transmit infections and diseases such as typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery, and gastroenteritis.

These insects are usually a big problem around the house. Having roaches in the kitchen is uncomfortable. Well, it is not known what food will be infected, besides inviting friends is not convenient. Since they will notice when the cockroaches come out, it is vital to eliminate their hiding place.

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Where Roaches Hide In Your Bathrooms?

Roaches can live where there is food, shelter, and water. You can enter the bathrooms through windows and cracks. Cockroaches are elusive, agile; at night, they always come out. The places where roaches hide in the bathroom are as follows.

  • The drain of the wash or shower
  • Holes and cracks in the wall
  • Under the wash
  • In the bathtubs
  • Under the bathtubs

The best method to prevent these cockroaches from continuing to appear in the bathroom is to keep the place clean, and these insects can get no food.

  • You should repair all leaks.
  • Make sure there are no holes or cracks in the walls. It is vital to prevent roaches from entering the bathroom.
  • Cover the bins in this place, because cockroaches love to eat waste.

It is essential to keep the bathroom free of cockroaches, so you can take a bath with peace of mind and feel good in this place.

Where Else Do Roaches Hide?

Roaches love to seek moisture and warmth, which is why they hide in water heaters. Other places where you can get these insects hiding:

  • Modular
  • Wooden skirting boards
  • Thin areas
  • Dark areas
  • Below lead
  • In dirty clothes

Cockroaches like to be everywhere at night, the places you least think can hide. They must close the containers, the drawers, and areas where there is food, so they do not end up contaminated.

How To Get Rid Of The Hiding Places Of Cockroaches?

It is challenging to eliminate cockroach hiding places. These insects love being in small areas. Thanks to their feeling very safe where they place their nests, in this way, you will know where the cockroaches are hiding.

  • With natural treatments

Nowadays, people place different types of essential oils near cockroach hideout. To get rid of their hiding places.

  • Adequate cleaning

All cockroach hiding places must be cleaned well with a good disinfectant. It will cause you to undo their hiding places.

  • Repellent to eliminate the hiding place

Spray the ones you hid from the cockroaches like bay leaves, it makes you finish with their nests, and they do not want to continue being in that place.


We hope this article has helped you to learn where cockroaches hide. You are looking for quiet, dark places; the body of these animals is molded to hide in small areas. They also love to be behind the washing machines.

Take advantage of all the tips mentioned, so you avoid having this pest in the home. Specialized personnel are in charge of eliminating cockroaches quickly; you have a clean house and free of cockroaches. Always look for all the options to get rid of cockroaches.

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