Why Are Silverfish Always in the Bathroom?

Why Are Silverfish Always in the Bathroom

Are you noticing a crawling silver insect with a flat body slithering around your bathroom? Then it is called a silverfish that has made your bathroom it’s the new home to reside in. They prefer damp conditions with moisture which places like the bathroom, laundries readily provide them with. 

Why Are Silverfish Always in the Bathroom?

Silverfish are usually found in the bathroom as the place is moist and perfect for their environment. It is not easy to notice them quickly because they are small insects and hide in cracks. Once they get in, it can be a tedious task to throw them out. They are nocturnal; it’s their basic instinct to select dark places for them to breed, which explains why one can find silverfish in their bathroom.

Do Silverfish Live in Drains?

Do Silverfish Live in Drains? - Image By pestcontrolzone

No! it can be a general mistake that these insects live in drains, as you can find them around the bathroom sinks. They climb around the pipes as they are unable to travel in water. So, they can’t live in drains. They climb on the pipe around and travel upwards for the need to find food. 

Are Silverfish Harmful?

No, these gross silver insects are not harmful. They don’t bite or sting, nor do they fly. If there’s a pile of papers or your favorite books lying around, then silverfishes can chew a few pages up. They are a threat to your personal belongings made of paper. They can consume glue, dandruff, hair, paper, clothes, and anything containing polysaccharides, which is a carbohydrate with sugar molecules bonded together. There is no threat to humans from this insect. 

Where Do Silverfish Live?

  • As they are night-loving, they prefer to live in dark places. They can’t be easily located in the morning as they hardly come out of their comfort space. If they don’t find any home, then they often breed in tree barks. 
  • When it comes to indoor spaces, they can be located in one’s kitchen, bathroom, library, laundry rooms. They love moist places that are humid and dark. 

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How to Get Rid of Silverfish in the Bathroom

How to Get Rid of Silverfish in the Bathroom

If you see a silverfish crawling in your bathroom, don’t panic yet! There are few steps by which you can avoid getting them. 

  • Keep the surface clean.

Keep your place clean and dry always. If you leave a puddle of water after taking a shower, this can be the best opportunity to find their new place.

  • Avoid moisture in the bathroom.

After using the bath, keep all the windows open. That will result in the place not getting moist so that the insects don’t find it comfortable. 

  • Fill the cracks and holes.

They find cracks to hide in and breed. Fill them before the silverfish can enter. Don’t leave piles of books or paper around the house for them to feed. 

  • Set the trap

Traps all around the house can be set by putting newspaper or starch with a sticky substance around like tape so that they get stuck to it.

If the situation is getting out of hand, it is the right time to call press control. These professionals will solve the problem within a day so that the people in the house can live stress-free. Although silverfish are harmful, it is a better idea to get rid of them. 

How to Prevent Silverfish From Entering Your Bathroom

  • Dry up any places inside your house through the dehumidifiers and fans.
  • Inspect the exterior of your house and then seal up any gaps, holes, or cracks you find, making use of a caulking gun.
  • Replace mulch with a hairdryer material like crushed rock.
  • Trim back vegetation from the foundation of yours. This will likely dry up moist spaces and remove “bridges” that pests make use of to reach the home of yours.
  • Move firewood, building materials, and also some other wood, well away from the home of yours and up off the soil.
  • Remove weedy areas and leaf piles that have moisture.



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