Why Do Crane Flies Fly At Your Face?

Why Do Crane Flies Fly At Your Face?

Although experts do not consider the crane fly as a dangerous insect, they become very annoying on some occasions. If you have noticed crane flies in your home, it must be because you have a garden and are looking for a good space for their reproduction.

These Crane Flies inhabit humid vegetation. They feed on the roots of plants and decaying vegetation. Then, you can also find them in the coils feeding on small insects. The Crane Flies inhabit cool summers or mild winters.

These Crane Flies undergo a metaphormosis with four stages. They spend their winter under the ground. Crane flies are not aggressive; do not bite or attack humans or pets. However, many people wonder why crane flies fly at your face.

Why Do Crane Flies Fly At Your Face?

If you were in doubt about why crane flies fly at your face, there is a very precise explanation. Some insects like mosquitoes feed on human blood and are attracted to the carbon dioxide exhaled. Insects have a sensory system that helps them find any exposed skin.

This is the case with crane flies, and when they fly towards your face, it is because that is one of the most exposed skin areas. Crane flies, apart from the face, look for other places where the skin is exposed, such as the hands.

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How Long Do Crane Flies Live?

Crane flies have an average lifespan of 10-15 days when they reach adulthood. During their reproduction, the female crane fly lays her eggs on dry soils, water bodies, or some fall off during flight. Crane flies do not feed very well, so they last a few days alive when they reach their adult stage.

During the summer, adult crane flies emerge below the ground to mate, and female crane flies are responsible for laying eggs within 24 hours. Aside from not feeding well, crane flies have many predators behind them and could hardly live any longer.

You will not see crane flies during the whole year, since they only usually come out during the fall and spring.

What Do Crane Flies Eat?

Crane flies are also known as the lion mosquito or as the hawk mosquito. Although these very particular names know them, crane flies do not feed on mosquitoes.

When crane flies are in their larval stage, they feed on the roots of forage crops and lawns. Also, they feed on seedling crops. But when they reach their adult stage, crane flies eat very little.

Does Crane Fly Bite?

Crane flies fly at your face not to attack you, as these insects are not known to be dangerous. Some experts have pointed out that crane flies are dangerous and poisonous. But this is false since this insect is harmless and does not feed on humans’ blood.

Crane flies do not have poison, much less are they looking to bite humans. In fact, in their adult stage, crane flies feed very little, which is one reason why they do not have a long lifespan.

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