Why Do Termites Follow Ink?

Why Do Termites Follow Ink

If you have termites in your home, you will see some unusual things like the insect’s fascination with ink. You should know why termites follow the ink to take it or to be near it. Termites sometimes behave very strangely so you will have to solve some doubts as soon as possible.

Find out the main reason for termites to follow the ink that you blamelessly spilled on the floor of your house. Know why termites follow each other, making a great line. With all these doubts resolved, you can learn a little about the insect, which will help you eliminate them.

Why Do Termites Follow Ink?

Termites are insects that are guided by smell to walk because they are partially blind and deaf. These insects are slightly attracted to pheromones released by other termites or other animals. When the termite detects the pheromone, it will walk through the entire trail until it reaches its goal.

The ink with which the pens are filled has a smell similar to the pheromones that termites follow and therefore usually follow them. If you were in an accident at home and spilled ink on the floor, the termite will follow this trail. Usually, these insects are never alone, so that you will have several termites following the ink trail.

What Is The Main Reason For Termites To Follow The Ink?

What Is The Main Reason For Termites To Follow The Ink - Image By sciencenotes

The main reason termites follow the ink is because they think they are pheromones left behind by another insect. These pheromone lines can make the insect understand that other termites are nearby and found a food source. Termites will undoubtedly follow the ink trail instinctively without knowing that it is a hoax and that it will possibly lead to their death.

Do Termites Follow Each Other?

These insects are very close to walking from one place to another to feed or create their home. Termites leave a small trail of pheromones for the other insect to detect and follow. You can see how the termites follow each other, not get lost, and lead to the same goal.

The termite at the tip or “lead termite” must be very attentive to its instincts to reach its real goal. Termites have very keen noses, making it easy for them to find wet wood to feed on. You should not underestimate the insect that even if it is blind and deaf, it can cause a big problem in your house.

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Do Termites Walk In A Line?

Termites tend to walk in single file not to lose their way to their source of food and shelter. These insects are united, and you can see it when they walk in sync towards the same place. These termites will never cut the line because each one will release pheromones that will guide the termite behind.

Strangely, you see termites alone in your house because they usually walk in the company to not get lost. As the insect’s smell is strong, they can detect the wood in your house at a considerable distance. Although they look harmless and with slow movements, termites are tiny insects that can create an infestation in your home.

Now that you know about the behavior of termites, you can try to kill them. You can get the bug out of the closet using pen ink and then kill it with natural repellents. Termites are easy to fool. You only have to resort to ink to pretend that they are pheromones and thus eliminate them.

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