Why Do Termites Get Into Your Bathroom?

Why Do Termites Get Into Your Bathroom

Termites are one of the most unpleasant and destructive pests that can exist; they have created innumerable disasters. Bathrooms are ideal for them; after all, some elements are essential. Moisture, wood, and heat are almost always present in these spaces, so it isn’t easy to get them out there.

Fortunately, there are some ways to eradicate the situation without causing so much damage to the bathroom, although caution must be exercised. The first thing is always to detect if these bugs are really in the room and then act if the answer is positive. End infestations are a headache, but solutions are possible.

Why Do Termites Get Into Your Bathroom?

When it comes to bathroom disasters, termites are the main reason in many cases. These are some of the most common reasons:

  • Wood: The structure of the ceilings and the walls of this material can attract termites.
  • Leaks: when there are leaks in the taps or pipes, an ideal environment is created for these critters. Water is a staple for them.
  • Cracks: these are spaces where they can hide.
  • This aspect spoils the chances of termites coming are high. When steam cannot get out, the environment becomes more humid.
  • Because of Faulted ventilation, the bathrooms are much more likely to be infested with termites. After bathing, there is a lot of steam to make the area dampen and humidify that are creating perfect conditions for termites to thrive.

How Do Termites Damage Bathrooms?

How Do Termites Damage Bathrooms

The consequences of having a termite infestation in the bathroom can be quite great; here are some consequences:

  • Damage to pipes.
  • Roof and walls gradually destroyed.
  • Wall and floor tiles are separated or completely loose.
  • Destruction of the support of the bathtubs or sinks, causing their destruction due to the domino effect.

How To Get Rid Of Termites In Your Bathroom Naturally?

How To Get Rid Of Termites In Your Bathroom Naturally

Chemical solutions can be very bad for the health of any resident in the home, which is not good. These are some natural alternatives that can be implemented:

  • Use the sun

If there are windows in the bathroom, only open them during the day, especially when it is hotter, like in the afternoon. Termites can’t stand sunlight; it will kill them slowly, so this is a wonderful option.

If you do not have a light source in the bathroom by chance, you can always use ultraviolet lights as a possibility.

  • Cheat on them

Termites love humidity, knowing this can be taken advantage of using a box as wet as bait. You have to leave the object near the colony, and when you notice that they entered to feed, close it and remove it quickly.

The object mustn’t be carelessly thrown away as it can re-enter the home. The most advisable thing is to burn the box immediately; this will eliminate the root problem and will not leave sequelae for anyone.

  • Call a professional

If the situation overwhelms you, it is not good to do things carelessly; calling pest control is the best option.

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How To Prevent Termites In Your Bathroom?

Fortunately, there are ways in which infestations can be prevented and costly disasters avoided; these are:

  • Check the ventilation system quite frequently.
  • Invest in repairing leaky faucets and pipes.
  • Do not allow water to accumulate in or around the house.
  • Clean and keep gutters stable; they can attract termites.
  • Hire professionals to do annual reviews; this will also help formulate an action plan.
  • Fill the cracks with paint, so the termites will have no place to stay if they arrive.

How do you prevent the Termites from coming back?

Calling a licensed pest control company is the safest way to cope with a termite infestation. While they eliminate the termites, you must ensure that they do not come back after the extermination.

To stop them from returning, keep an eye out for termites in crevices and cracks, and make sure the faucets and drains aren’t leaking. And you can trap any residual termite with duct tape in your bathroom by putting it the places where they previously nested.


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